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The Darkness 2 Game

The Darkness 2 Game

The Darkness 2 Game is a scary point-and-click escape the room adventure. In Episode 2 of the horrifying Darkness series, you play a girl who finds herself in the bloody operating room of a hospital ward. You must find a way to escape from the hospital.

Darkness 2 Walkthrough:

1.Click red light to turn on lights in operating theatre
2.Click on scissors on tool tray
3.Exit operating theatre to corridor
4.Enter Ward B
5.Click on plant with scissors to get coin
6.Click on first cubicle to open curtains, read patient data and get a hint from the cabinet
7.Nothing else in Ward B so exit to corridor and go to Ward A
8.Go straight past the first 3 cubicles and in the first on the next side (Bed A03) get the ball of yarn from the cabinet.
9.Exit ward A through the door on the left and go across the corridor to the Pharmacy
10.Light your candle with the matches to read the notice
11.Click on the pill cupboard and click on the appropriate bottle (hint from Ward B) to get the key for the clock
12.By this time the light should have fallen down (if not it will when you leave so go back in)
13.Click the broken lighttube on the counter.
14.Exit room and click on the bottom of the screen so the character comes towards you
15.Use the key on the clock face – scary sound!
16.The message at the bottom says about the operating theatre
17.Go to the right and get the fire extinguisher
18.Then go to the operating theatre and go in and out
19.Now the nurses room is open
20.Click on the coats and get the hook.
21.On the bottom right of the wall is a darker patch.
22.Hit this with the torch and get the egg shaped stone from the hole and the key for the exit.
23.NB Hide behind the coats when the ghost lady comes
24.Combine the hook with the yarn with the lighttube to make a fishing rod.
25.Go to the exit and use the key
26.Use the coin on the drinks machine and get the can
27.Go to the stairs and use the rod to get the storeroom keys
28.Go back to the pharmacy and use the keys on the storeroom
29.Click on the vase, pour the drink in the vase to get the cork
30.Go back to the lift (through the exit) and use the cork for the lift button Press G

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  • okay that doesn’t make any sense! well it does, it’s just not fair! i put the cork into the button thing, press it, the door shuts before the lady gets to you. you press the G button, it starts going downstairs, then what do you know? the lights shut off and she gets you. NOT COOL MAN, NOT COOL. i kept running back to that closet every time the lights started flickering. LOL so scary.

  • This one looks really scary! I hated the woman in the one before, my finger’s ready on the space bar all the time!

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