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Darkness 3

Darkness 3

The Darkness 3 Game is a scary escape the room point-and-click adventure. In Episode 3 of the terrifying Darkness series, you wake up and find yourself on a subway train, going down a dark tunnel. You must find a way to escape from the train before you are killed.

Darkness 3 Walkthrough:

1. Click on the window to enter a tunnel. Obtain the round metal piece below the pole.

2. Go forward and click on the red bag. Click on it again to examine it and obtain the candle.

3. Go back and turn left to the other seat. Click under the seat to read a note and click it again to obtain the chewing gum.

4. Go back to the seat facing the windows. Click under the seats facing you to obtain the box of matches.

5. Look up and click on the map to obtain the piece of mirror.

6. Click on the vent above the map to open it. Use the piece of mirror on the vent.

7. Use the box of matches on the candle to obtain the burning candle.

8. Use the burning candle on the vent to obtain the round metal piece.

9. Return to the seat where you found the chewing gum. Read the piece of paper and use the burning candle below the text to reveal a code (this code is always random).

10. Return to the seat with the red bag. Click on it to reveal a box lacking 2 pieces, use the 2 round metal pieces on it. Click it to turn it according to the code revealed on the piece of paper.

11. Open the box and use the mirror on the chewing gum. You will obtain the mirror with gum.

12. Use the mirror with gum on the box. Be prepared to repeatedly press the spacebar!

13. Watch the cutscene and run all the way to the right. The ghost will now actively hunt you down.

14. After the cutscene, grab the bottle of cola. Look right and grab the comb on the floor. Turn left to the next seat and grab the white tied up plastic bag.

15. Use the comb on the tied up plastic bag. Use the cola on the mentos.

16. Use the cola with mentos by swinging it left and right to keep the darkness away. Be prepared to repeatedly press the spacebar!

17. A cutscene ensues, wait for it to end (the next part must be done with speed and precision). Run all the way to the far right of the carriage and grab the key on the seat. Immediately run for your life to the next carriage on the far left. Be prepared to repeatedly press the spacebar!

18. Use the key on the music box next to the red bag. Turn it 4-5 times to begin a cutscene.

19. You now have the option of 2 endings. Run out to the closing door and escape the train. Or stay in the train. Your choice.

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  • okay i finished never mind :) but at the end, i didnt make it in time and im stuck on the train… did i finish? and also, whats up with the hanging body at the end??

  • what round piece of metal??? i got past it, and now im stuck on the part with the obtaining a round piece of metal with my candle…. help me, please!

  • god damn… i dont get this one AT ALL. can u please help me? i tried clicking on the window like the walk-through said, but nothing is happening! and i clicked the bottom of the screen, and all this stuff starts happening and i have to start the game over. PLEASE HELP ME.

  • whooaaaa end bit make me jump so m,uch lol aw man i can’t get out of train i want get out free from, horror!!!!!!!! not fair wa lol

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