Creepy Kids

Creepy kids in horror movies have been very popular over the years. Children are supposed to be innocent, so when you see an evil kid on the screen, it’s very disturbing. A parent’s worst nightmare is to find out that their cute little offspring is a murderous monster. There’s no doubt about it: in the right context, creepy kids can be horrifying.

Creepy Kids

The Omen

Creepy Kids

In The Omen (1976), little Damien Thorn is the adopted son of an American diplomat. As he grows up, his parents start to notice strange things happening around him. He is afraid to enter a church, animals are scared of him and big black dogs congregate around him. When his nanny commits suicide, screaming, “This is for you, Damien!”, his father finally becomes suspicious. After examining the little boys’s scalp and finding a birthmark that says “666”, he finally realizes that Damien is the son of the devil. After this movie came out, parents around the world thought long and hard before naming their sons “Damien”.

The Shining

Creepy Kids

In Stephen King’s The Shining (1980), the Grady twins were murdered by their crazed father who hacked them to pieces with an axe, but their ghosts still haunt the hallways of the Overlook Hotel. Creepiest part: When the girls stand at the end of the hallway and start chanting, “Come and play with us, Danny… forever and ever and ever…”

The Exorcist

Creepy Kids

In The Exorcist (1973), a 12-year-old girl named Regan MacNeill is possessed by a demon after playing with a ouija board. Her bed starts shaking, her head starts spinning and she pukes green soup all over the two priests who are called in to save her.

Pet Sematary

Creepy Kids

In Stephen King’s Pet Sematary (1989), 2-year old Gage is run over by a truck and killed. His distraught father buries him in the Pet Sematary, but Gage comes back as an evil, demonic and murderous little boy.

Children of the Corn

Creepy Kids

In Stephen King’s Children of the Corn (1984), young Isaac is the ringleader of a weird religious cult whose members are kids and their dastardly plan involves slaughtering all of the adults in the town.

Village of the Damned

Creepy Kids

In Village of the Damned (1960), all of the women in a small English village fall unconscious one day. When they wake up, they discover that they are pregnant and they wind up giving birth to a bunch of creepy kids who all have blond hair, glowing eyes and telepathic powers.

Children of the Damned

Creepy Kids

Salem’s Lot

Creepy Kids

Night of the Living Dead

Creepy Kids

In Night of the Living Dead (1968), little Karen Cooper is bitten by a zombie. Her parents keep her in the basement and try to nurse her back to health, but she ends up turning into a zombie and stabbing her mother to death with a trowel.

The Bad Seed

Creepy Kids

In The Bad Seed (1956), there’s something creepy about little Rhoda Penmark. When a little boy in her class beats her in a competition, he winds up dead in a lake. Her mother does some detective work and discovers that she was adopted and her mother was a notorious serial killer.


Creepy Kids

In Orphan (2009), a married couple think they are adopting a 9-year old Russian girl named Esther, but she is not what she seems. She hurts the other girls in her class and viciously murders the head of the orphanage with a hammer.


Creepy Kids

In Poltergeist (1982), a cute little blond girl named Carol-Anne is communicating with demons through the television. Soon, glasses, cutlery and furniture are flying around the room and Carol-Anne has disappeared into the TV set. Her worried parents discover that their house was built on an old Indian graveyard.

Cathy’s Curse

Creepy Kids

In Cathy’s Curse (1977), a young girl named Cathy Gimble is possessed by the spirit of her dead aunt and people around her start mysteriously dying.

The Unborn

Creepy Kids

The Sixth Sense

Creepy Kids

In The Sixth Sense (1999) a 9-year-old boy named Cole Sear has the ability to see ghosts. Scariest bit: when Cole tells his mom, “I see dead people!”

Creepy Kids

One of the ghosts he sees in a little girl named Kyra Collins. She died of a mysterious illness, but her ghost returns to prove that her mother was actually poisoning her.

Silent Hill

Creepy Kids

In Silent Hill (2006), Alessa Gillespie is bullied and horribly abused by the townsfolk who believe she is a witch. Eventually, after they try to burn her alive, Alessa uses her powers to take revenge on the town.


Creepy Kids

Mikey is a fully fledged little psychopath. When his foster mother catches him setting fires, he murders her along with her husband and her daughter. Since Mikey is such a cute little kid, nobody suspects him and he is sent to live with another family. Everything goes fine for a while until he falls in love with Jessie, his best friend’s older sister. Mikey electrocutes Jessie’s boyfriend, then kills his foster parents, his teacher and the school headmaster. At the end, he manages to get away scott-free, changes his name to Josh and goes to live with another foster family.

The Good Son

Creepy Kids

In The Good Son (1993), Macauley Culkin plays a male version of The Bad Seed. He pretends to be nice and polite, but he is just hiding his true nature from those around him. He is obsessed with death and tries to kill his cousins. When his mother confronts him and asks him if he killed his brother, he just sneers “So what if I did?”

Who Can Kill a Child

Creepy Kids

In Who Can Kill a Child (1976), a British couple named Tom and Evelyn are taking a vacation in Spain. The island where they are staying is full of silent, grim faced children and there’s not an adult in sight. They gradually realize that these children are violent and have killed every other adult on the island.

The Boy

Creepy Kids

The Boy focuses on a seemingly living doll made to look like a deceased child.


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    What? Movies haven’t taught people to be wary if kids by now? Really? It should totally be expected now for a child to be evil….or am I the only one who thinks that….I mean come on…nowadays it wouldn’t be surprising. Ha good ole Stephen King….u can always count on him…man these r just movies… Can u imagine if books were involved in this list too? Like the book Strange Highways by Dean Koontz has a short story called We Three it has evil children….psshh and that would be just one example haha.

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    I watched The Shining and tbh it was one of the crappiest horror movies Ive ever watched. The parents the kid the hotel guy theyre all ugly and annoying. I just didnt get it. But I loved the Orphan and Im looking forward to watch the other ones ;)


    In this series of Creepy kids, i also expected “The Orphan” in which the girl is very creepy. Thanx SFK you gave me another list of movies to watch in this vacations.

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