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Big Toe

The Big Toe is a scary story for kids about a young boy who unearths a mysterious toe in his garden. It is based on a classic American folk tale and is sometimes known as “The Hairy Toe” or “The Skinny Toe”. A version of this story appeared in Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark.

Big Toe

The Big Toe

One day, a boy was digging in his garden, when he saw a big toe sticking out of the ground. He tried to pick it up, but it was stuck. It wouldn’t budge, so he pulled as hard as he could and it came off in his hand. Then he heard something groan and scamper away.

The boy took the big toe into the kitchen and showed it to his mom.

“That looks nice piece of meat,” she said. “I’ll put it in the soup and we’ll have it for dinner.”

That night, at the dinner table, the boy’s father scooped the big toe out of the soup and chopped it up into three pieces. The father, the mother and the boy each ate a piece. Then they did the dishes, and when it got dark they went to bed.

The boy fell asleep almost at once. But in the middle of the night, he was rudely awakened by a strange sound. He listened closely. It sounded like there was a voice coming from outside his window and it was calling to him.

“Where is my big toe?” it groaned.

When the boy heard that, he got very scared. But he thought, “It doesn’t know where I am. It never will find me.”

Then he heard the voice once more. Only now it was closer.

“Where is my big toe?” it groaned.

The boy pulled the blankets over his head and closed his eyes. “I’ll go to sleep,” he thought. “When I wake up it will be gone.”

But soon he heard the back door open and again he heard the voice.

“Where is my big toe?” it groaned.

Then the boy heard footsteps move through the kitchen into the dining room, into the living room, into the front hall. They slowly climbed the stairs. Closer and closer they came. Soon they were in the upstairs hall. Now they were outside his door.

“Where is my toe?” the voice groaned.

The boy watched in horror as his bedroom door opened. Shaking with fear, he threw his bedclothes over his head and listened as the footsteps slowly moved through the dark towards his bed.

Then they stopped.

“Where is my toe?” the voice groaned. “YOU’VE GOT IT!”

(The Big Toe has an alternate ending. When the boy hears the voice calling for its toe, he finds a strange looking creature up inside the chimney. The boy is so frightened he can’t move. He just stands there and stares at it.)

Finally, he asks: “W-w-w-what you got such big eyes for?”

The creature answers: “To look you thro-o-o-ugh and thro-o-o-ugh!”

“W-w-w-what you got such big claws for?”

“To scra-a-a-tch up your gra-a-a-a-ve!”

“W-w-w-what you got such a big mouth for?”

“To swallow you who-o-o-le!”

“W-w-w-what you got such sharp teeth for?”



  • Ewww !!! They ate the toe..
    I thought any dead body will come out when he pulled out hard,But that was really Stupid…!!

  • you have left me bewildered..not even a grade 8 (equivalent to an a* in the new grade boundary) question about maths would get me this damn confused xD

  • You guys are crazy! This is a classic, it kept me up many nights when I was a kid. Remember, it’s for kids not adults.

  • How big was the toe that 2 adults and 1 kid could share it? Musta come from a giant haha. Oh yeah BTW how could a little boy pick off a big toe off of anything unless of course….the thing was rotting.

  • does anyone else realise that….
    1. There is already this story.
    2. It is also called the hairy toe
    3. this is a rip-off from little red riding hood (the end bit i mean)

  • The ONLY things that creeped me out was when they actually decided to eat the disgusting thing.

  • o_O Wow. Wait, why would a people eat something that is clearly a toe? I mean, come on people! And the thing has claws to dig at the boy’s grave, but how would he do that if the thing ate the boy? It’s funny though.

  • I read this from a book when I was younger. XD I thought it was a dumb story even then. XDD

  • Scary for Kids can you please update? This monster came and ate my house so all I have is you :(

  • Who would exactly eat a toe? If I was him, I would leave it alone because that’s just gross.

  • This story is in a scary stories book I have.I always wondered why they would eat it,I mean,It’s a fricken toe.And Urban_Legend,I’ve heard that story somewhere and I can’t remember where but I really liked it

  • So the story of cow head or something was all a lie right? =____= arg and i thought such a thing really existed -___-
    and about this story…. um… i kinda agree with GhostGirl666 its really similar to red riding hood o.o the ending lol

  • @scarylady The Cow Head story does not exist, it was made up so people could tell the story of what happens when you hear it and as for hikiko. i have heard of it but dont know what its about

  • I think I read this somewhere … SFK pls. post the awesome stories ~.~ I made an account just to share mine. But I go here for reading stories :_: ***PEOPLE, POST YOUR STORIES @ TELL ME YOUR STORY OKAY***

  • does anyone know Hikiko the bullied ghost legend??? wat about the cow head??? supposedly hearing cow head will kill ya cuz it so scary i can only find COW’S head and its just weird not scary pls help meh find this storyy!!!

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    It is said that Okiku became a vengeful spirit who tormented her murderer by counting to nine and then making a terrible shriek to represent the missing tenth plate – or perhaps she had tormented herself and was still trying to find the tenth plate but cried out in agony when she never could. So the legend has it that if you go to the a well and shout Okiku 10 times she appear and kill you! Try it if you dare.

  • Oh yes… because finding a human toe and cooking it in soup is such a casual thing. *sarcasm*

  • Ewww… I mean, I have heard this lots of times before, but it still grosses me out… WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU EAT A TOE? A FUDGING TOE?!? THAT ISN’T FOOD!!! THAT’S A BIOLOGY SPECIMEN, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

  • This is like the liver story and this was on this site but we couldn’t go onto it so this person was able to post it again :L

  • are yu guys stupid this is the to tell in the dark section of scaryforkids gosh! so all these stoies come from the book it says so if u go to the original page

  • Dude i love scary stories to tell in the dark and sfk said it himself its a folklore duh! You people are too uptight! Loosen up a little!

  • @itsdafoodfriends64 They did say this was based on a folk tale. There is a section on this site for stuff and stories from those books specifically.

  • if a monster askes you a question like that why would you be stupid and just sit there heres wat i would do

  • Teke Teke is the ghost of a Japanese schoolgirl who roams the train stations of Japan. In life, this girl was a scardey cat and people are always playing practical jokes on her. One day at the train station after school, her friends decided to put a cicada, a bug that appears in the summer in Japan, on her shoulder. Sadly, this turned out to be a fatal prank. She was so scared she fell off of the platform and was hit by a shinkansen (The fastest train in Japan) and her body was split in two.

    Now she is haunting the train stations of Japan, dragging herself with her elbows and sometimes her hands. She is known to kill people with her scythe and split people in half with the harsh speed of the Shinkansen to make her victims feel her pain. Her name is “Teke Teke” or “Bata Bata” because of the noise she makes when she is dragging herself around.

  • This is a creepy story but not very story the bloody mary game in scary stories to tell in the dark is so scary i couldn’t sleep at all

  • This is the exact same story from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Not sure, but couldn’t they have at least said where it REALLY came from??

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