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The Babysitter story is a scary story based on an urban legend about a teenage girl who is babysitting three children one night when she receives a creepy phone call from a strange man. It is also known as “The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs”. A version of this tale appeared in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.


There was a young girl who was in need of a job was able to find work as a babysitter for a couple who lived in a large, isolated, old house. They were going out to see a movie that night and left the teenage baby-sitter in charge of their three young children.

The babysitter put the children to bed when it got late and then went downstairs to watch some television. She was just getting comfortable when she heard the phone ringing. When she answered it, all she heard was heavy breathing followed by a man’s voice asking, “Have you checked on the children?”

Freaked out, she hung up the phone, trying to convince herself that it was just someone playing a practical joke on her. She went back to watching television but about 15 minutes later, the phone rang again. She picked up the receiver and heard hysterical laughter from the other end of the line. Then the same voice asked “Why haven’t you checked on the children?”

The babysitter slammed down the phone. The poor girl was frightened out of her wits and immediately called the police. The operator at the police station told the babysitter that if the man called again, she should try to keep him talking. That would give the police time to trace the call.

A few minutes later, the phone rang a third time and when the babysitter answered it, she heard the heavy breathing again. The voice on the line said “You should really check on the children.” The babysitter listened to him laughing hysterically for a long time. She hung up the phone again and almost immediately, it rang again.

This time it was the operator from the police station who yelled, “Get out of the house right now! The calls are coming from the upstairs phone!”

The babysitter dropped the phone in shock and suddenly she heard heavy footsteps walking down the stairs. Without pausing for a second, she ran out of the house as fast as her legs would carry her. Just as she closed the front door behind her, a man’s hand slammed against the glass. She screamed and ran out into the street just as a police car was pulling up outside.

The police searched the house and found the two children upstairs, hiding in a closet, crying uncontrollably. In the parents’ bedroom, they found a bloody axe lying on the floor next to the upstairs phone. The back window was wide open and the curtains were blowing in the breeze. There was no sign of the madman who had made the phonecalls. He had escaped into the night when the police arrived and managed to interrupt his horrible plan to kill the two children and the poor babysitter.


  • AHHH NOW I DONT WANT TO SLEEP TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! JK. Is it weird that i hate going to bed but i love to sleep? just thinking out loud here. 8.5/10 creepy guys calling you from the upstairs phone.

  • Remember it said there was a bloody axe? That meant he killed someone…and the window was open so maybe he escaped with the third child.

  • @starfire
    Where is the third kid..???
    In the beginning the story mentions three kids and in the end only two….
    Where is the third kid..???

  • The babysitter did a great job by calling the police👍 and thank God because no one died in this story !! And too bad because the killer got away😑

  • she shouldn’t ignore the phone. # weird weird weird. she’s got to check on the kids but she didn’t. why wouldn’t she? i guess she wasn’t listening. #NONONO. what the heck? why would you do this? bad bad bad babysitter. or else she might come to my house if i had a dinner party. that would be so weird if i had a dinner party as a kid. weird as real. why is there a spider on my shoulder? hahahaha not funny. i was fake laughing.

  • atleastvthe baby sitter and the kids survived but wern’t there 3 kids? maybe the writer made a mistake when they wrote it. I still really like it though! I give it a 9/10. ;D

  • I’ve heard this story before and all the kids survive, so the fact that there are only two kids at the end might be a typo. Or this story could be a different version, idk.

  • The reason there is only 2 Kidd at the end because he killed one of them. That’s why the axe was bloody

  • Am I the only one who noticed that in the beginning they said THREE kids and at the end of the story they said TWO were hiding ?

  • The axe was already bloody because he was trying to cut a stale jelly donut and the jelly went all over the axe. He was laughing hysterically because he thought it was so weird and funny to cut a donut with an axe. And the children were crying because the man took their donuts, and they hid the rest of the donuts in the closet to protect them.

  • And the third child…did the man killed the third child since they said they found a bloody axe O.o

  • This is a movie! It’s called When A Stranger Calls. This story has a slightly changed ending though

  • I have read this kind of story a lot of times. But usually it would end with the children getting killed or something like that. Anyways this one had a better ending, though the third child might have died.

  • Not scary, I don’t wanna know if he he’s coming for me I wanna know what happened to the kid.
    Though something scary did happen to me I was home alone and I heard someone scream! Creepy…

  • I think the third child is the man who made the phonecall….. i m sorry i know its not funny… but where is the third child??????? sfk please help

  • where’s the third child…
    wouldn’t it be funny if the missing child was the madman

  • What happened to the third child? This version of the legend says in the beginning that there were three and ends with there only being two children, yet it never says what happened to the third. Was the child gruesomely slaughtered by the axe-wielding man?

  • I think that no one will see this because this story is old but I must point out something very obvious. The story clearly states that there were THREE young children and only TWO was found. The bloody axe explained what happened to the third child. I posted this just because of the comments about people being disappointed or relieved about no one dying in the story. This is a good story to tell in the dark by the way.

  • The story is really lame so is the movie its not scary one bit.I was around 10 when i saw it and i could not stop laughing the only scary part was when he said and i quote “your blood all over me” and started laughing like a madman.

  • good story but i thought the children would die
    the story reminds me of a film called ‘when a stranger calls’

  • OMG!!! I’m gonna watch the movie(2006 version) with my dad on Monday! What’s so stupid is if someone asked if I had checked on the children, I would’ve thought I was supposed 2, and then I would’ve gotten murdered! Red flag for Team bloodypup13, b/c my flag would be covered in blood! :(

  • that makes me an idiot, because i would have checked on the children right after the first call, but then again, wouldnt the caller id showed it was the house #, THEN AGAIN, how do u call the house with the house phone, hmm
    but then again it reminds me of the story “the red cape”

  • She Baby-sitted in a Huge House! And He Killed the BabySitters Friend after she left the housse thats how the Axe was bloody!

  • This is Just likke the movie, “When a Stranger Calls” it is such a Good movie! She screamed, “What Do You Want?!” and he said, “Your Blood all over me!” but they caught the killer and he killed a person.. the Baby sitters friend!

  • I heard a version where the babysitter got killed and the killer was coming to the kids but they barricaded the door with beds ect . And this is one of my faves:)

  • It’s like the clown statue. Theres loads of versions like circles squares and triangles.

  • 123chocobo
    Your just trying to cover up your own terror by taking it out on someone else your comment was truly disqusting and it really made me realise that no one in there right mind would want to be friends with such an a** like yourself. Why would you even say that?, if you watched a R18+ movie would you call someone a wimp if they got freaked out even if you went to the toilet for half an hour so you dont have to watch it, that would be the hight of hipocrasy ( that was a hypothetical sinario) so why would you make a snide remark like that in my opinion YOUR the wimp, shame on you.!

  • i’m 12 and these stories are scary………but i dont get nightmares. i get nightmares from watching mylittlepony and chucky on the same night, chucky and the ponies surround me but this? scary but no nightmares

  • lol I’ve heard so many variations of this story xD
    How were those “dirty” phone calls? xD

  • @ Destiny22486
    Don’t worry, really, this is just a story. And if any weirdo with an axe does come, just say: Hey, arent you that weird guy from The Simpsons? he is just gonna get confused, and that’s gonna give you enough time to escape ;)

  • @ Destiny22486
    IM only ten and i found this the worst atepmpt to scare some body srlsy you are a wimp

  • IM only ten im really scared now i dont feel like going to sleep tonight some1 help me *cries*

  • I saw the movie!!i like the part where she sayz “what do you want from me”?!! And he sayz “your blood all over me” hahahahaha i think that part is funny

  • i heard a version of this where he actually kills the children. one is when he hangs them in the garage with skipping ropes, and the other is when he mangles them with an axe.

  • ivee heard ov a story just likee thiss onee called squares upstiars

    a babysitter takes care of a 6yr old sister and brother then she starts getin fonee calls saying there are squares upstiars. the first time she ignors it the 4th time she gets angery and cuts the fone line. then the fone rings one last timee.. “go and check the kids…SQARES UPSTIARS” shee is teriified and goes upstairs to chec on the kids then she arrives at the bedroom door and there is blood comeing from under the door then she swings the door open and gets the fright of her life…. the kids hav been cut into little sqaures!
    the fone rings again ” sqares upstiars. she runs to the rearest police staition and tells the officer and shows him the kids. the officer traces the calls. the babysitters blood from her facee went… the calls hav been comeing from a differnt fone in the house the crime seccence happend……..

  • i hered this they made movie out of it twice i saw the newewest one when a stranger calls he calland say “have you checked the children?

  • i read another variation, apparently the killer murders the children, and is coming for the babysitter when she runs… that’d be a hard story 2 explain to the parents, lol

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