Baby Laugh-a-Lot

Remco’s Baby Laugh-a-Lot is a doll from a scary commercial that aired on TV in the 1970s. When you push a button on the doll’s chest, it lets out the creepiest laugh you will ever hear.

The children in the ad may be giggling, but I guarantee you that no child who saw this commercial in the 1970s was smiling. They were quaking in their shoes. This is not the laughter of a cute doll, this is the laughter of a crazed serial killer who is planning to murder you in your sleep.


  1. kyubeychoseme07 says

    god that’s creepy. it’s like she’s gonna watch you in her sleep. what’s even worse is that when the battery’s nearly dead it sounds BLODDY DEMONIC!!!!! 0.0

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