Answer Man

The Answer Man is an urban legend about a game that is played by kids in Japan. They say the game can invoke an evil spirit that will answer any question put to it.

Answer Man

The Answer Man is an urban legend that has been circulating among Japanese kids for over 10 years. It is sometimes known as “The Phantom of the Answer” or “The Answer Phantom”.

To play the game you need 10 people with 10 mobile phones.

Step 1: Gather 10 people in a loose circle. Each person must have the number of the person to their left on their phone.

Step 2: On the count of three, each person presses the call button to call the person on their left. (ie A calls B, B calls C, C calls D… etc etc… J calls A.)

Step 3: Everyone puts their phone to their ear and listens.

Because everyone is calling everyone else at the same time, all of the phones should be busy. Nobody should receive an answer.

However, what will happen is that one person will find that their call is mysteriously answered and they will hear a voice on the other end of the line.

This is the answer man.

When you are on the phone with the answer man, you can ask him anything. He will answer whatever question you put to him.

However, after he gives you your answer, he will have a question for you. They say that, if you answer his question incorrectly or are unable to give an answer, a large, gnarled hand will appear from the phone and tear off a piece of your body.

Answer Man

According to the legend, the answer man is the ghost of a child who was born severely deformed. When he was born, he had no arms, legs or torso. He was just a head. Ever since his death, his ghost has been trying to become a complete human being by collecting the body parts of others.


  1. elkaras says

    Nice, but if you want to try just ask him the answer of the question he is going to ask you. It could be fun to trick him like that ;p

  2. DatTitanBeColossalLike says

    Sounds pretty awesome! I should totally do this! The thing is though… I don’t have 10 friends. XD

  3. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    @adecenttroman, that would be funny!!! I am so tempted to try this…

  4. EmiPup125 says

    -.- Okay, people. So, it’s not like as soon as this was posted, the answer man MAGICALLY exists! The answer man died, then he got a torso ( Biting it off with his mouth ) then he got an arm and hand. Or, he just put his arms on his head. He soon gained a full body, and now he wants some balls x3

  5. holly1300 says

    I’ve seen this guy on tv he only has arms a torso and of course head how does he go to the bathroom?!?! He’s in his 20s

  6. Sitaliea says

    Lmfo! some one the comments on here have made my day. What would happen if you hung up on him XD Give him your nuts he wants the t bang his girl. LOL LOL LOL come one people its fake but it would be fun to play with a group of your friends especially if some or all of them are paranoid and believe in this stuff.

  7. animefruba says

    Okay why is he going for the poor boy’s nuts gawd why are Japanese ghosts so perverse. >_<

  8. __Ciona__ says

    i HAVE to try this thing! Like i know you could die but wouldnt you get the adrenaline rush with just being there?! Im sorry, ive been in love with the paranormal since i was 9, im 13 now

  9. Miss unknown says

    @paradice i was thinking the same thing…..maybe he’s ghost friends were helping him or he would answer with his nose then was like rong answer then used his mouth 2 bite your hand off like “rawr °̩ bite ƳƟƱ!!” Then bit Ŧђξ guys hand off

  10. anel says

    I think it’s kinda weird to steal different kinds of body parts if u know what i mean! :)yes;im a girl!

  11. demongirl666 says

    haha, what would be funny is if it was a girl and it wanted a boob and U answerd the wrong answer then it grabed her boob, she would be like,GET YOURE OWN LADYYY!!! lolz.

  12. Paradise says

    Ugh, peeps. What if the hand was another spirit helping the Answer Man? Huh? Ever thought about that? He said “A hand” not “HIS hand”. What if another spirit decided to help and got him a torso, a neck and an arm and help him attach them then let him do the rest!? Ugh.

  13. soon_2_b_ghost hunter says

    Lol why does the picture show a ghost hand grabbing at some guys croch?? XD

  14. KayKay says


  15. Paranormal Princess says

    Wait… Aren’t your vital organs in your body? How can you live with JUST a HEAD? And how can he grab your body parts and piece them back together with JUST a HEAD? I really don’t think mouths are as skilled as hands.

  16. raven98 says

    weird…i’d try it if i knew i could answer the question,but i really don’t want to lose a piece of my body,so…no thanks :)

  17. GhostGirl666 says

    That picture is just wrong. Just wrong. It’s probably some pedo with magic powers

  18. GhostGirl4744 says

    And the picture ew it looks like he is grabbing that boy’s balls ew ew ew

  19. LovegettingFreakedout says

    This is a bunch of crap! If he was born only a head , then whos hand will be grabbing you & tear your body into pieces, people should really check these stories before posting it . Dont make any sense.

  20. theawesomeness says

    I’m going to try it, but i will not be the one answering the question because if they’re talking Jeopardy, nuh uh

  21. XxXxyummycupcakesXxXx says

    Wait… So the ghost that only has a head dies within a second because that he doesn’t have any lungs nor a heart… And its not possible to live without a heart nor lungs, nor anything in your body to let you live…. BUT WTF, IF YOU HAD A HEAD, WHERE DID THE SPIRIT GET A HAND AT?!?! Btw, creepy game…. I would not try that O_o….

  22. Chalcedony says

    I thought that this game was fun,but now i don’t want to play it…but,what the heck?! A HAND COMING OUT FROM THE PHONE?! SERIOUSLY?! Wait,how did the child become a ghost,maybe he went to hell because his parents cried(well, if someone dies and someone cries for him/her,it will be difficult for the person to go to heaven,instead,the person will go to hell.).

  23. deathbychocolate4 says

    you cant live just as a head. stupid. i would ask him where i could find a 500 dollar bill lying around.

  24. Lila Star says

    I tried it and I asked does my crush like me!but sadly he said…………………………..YES!!!!!!

  25. OrangeAcid says

    OK I THINK I GOT IT!!!!!!!! Maybe since he was only a head he died immediatley? Maybe?

  26. bllackknight says

    @bratzgirl22337&babyfreaks He steals body parts. that means he got the hand from someoene else

  27. psychochick says

    What!!!! If he’s just a head then how did he live cuz he didn’t have a heart, lungs, etc. 0 o

  28. BabyFreaks says

    Lol yea thts true if he has no hands or legs how does a hand come through hahahaha funny! Anyone have any scary stories? And im missing those riddles they were actually fun! Sfk please post more!

  29. lilbooshy says

    Answer Man: Ask
    Me: what is the air speed velocity of an unlaiden swallow?
    AM: African or European?
    Me: I’m counting that as your question.

    I love how people are trying to pick this apart to prove it’s fake…

  30. Duality says

    @ghost girl12354
    I know it sounds brutal but wouldn’t that be the weirdest yet also the funniest thing ever to happen? To just randomly see this crazy head roll out of your phone and just roll after you :D it would be like a mini Indiana Jones boulder chase XD

  31. Xx GhostQueen xX says

    @ghost girl2345 it sais a hand will apear from the phone…So…WHY DID YOU SAY HIS MOUTH??

  32. ghost girl12354 says

    The Man Eating Gnome.
    One day Joe was out in his garden.
    Then he tought of going out to buy some stuff for
    his garden. He look at garden gnomes and he found a
    really cute one an bought it. That night he
    heard noises out in his garden he just went to sleep.
    The next night he heard the nosies only louder
    it sounded like talking the just went to sleep
    he was scared ! Then the next night he could
    not take it anymore he went out and saw the gnome
    talking to a gnome the was so scared. so he ran back
    to bed and hid under the covers all night. the next
    night he heard the gnomes talking again…
    So he went out there and the gnomes saw him and
    chased him down and ate him. his wife and kids
    where scared they saw what happend and it all
    happend to them to
    so dont go out and buy any gnomes they might eat
    you the end hope you like it

  33. Duality says

    If he was born with nothing but a head, how is he able to tear off people’s body parts? FAKE?

  34. Dead Girl XXx says

    Oh my god crrrreeeeeppyy!! never playing this game!!!!!!! O_O
    oh… and xXPhantomFangWolfxX and Orange acid have a point! How can he breath and stuff? O_o What the helll????

  35. BabyFreaks says

    It sounds like a cool story and yea thats true never ask about the future! Or anything related to death ^-^ But it does sound fun to try just to see if it will work !!!muahahah!!!

  36. MrPsychokiller69 says

    ^^ they can’t answer? the question must be “If you have one cottonbuds, what would you do if you fall of a bridge and eat a rabbit in the moon?”

  37. MrPsychokiller69 says

    Geez that’s pretty creepy, and hey guys I guess when he was born he was dead already or Maybe the baby can’t last long to live then died.

  38. iwannabescared101 says

    never ask about the future….if you ask when you will die,he may say now and take your heaet O_e

  39. BloodymaryBloodymaryBloodymary says

    I will ask him who will i get married to. or whats the rest of my life gonna be like. something about my future. maybe what age will i die… what does he ask you….???

  40. OrangeAcid says

    You cant just be a head! How do you breath with no lungs? How do you LIVE with no HEART?!?!?!!

  41. xXPhantomFangWolfXx says

    Creepy… And how is that even possible, to be born JUST A FRICKING HEAD?!?!? WTF? WTF?!? ?O_e?

  42. charlie says

    in the first picture is the kid trying to get the dudes nuts?????
    and if its a boy then us girls dont have to worry bout anything then

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