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Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack is a game you can play at your Halloween party. All you need are a few guests and some tennis balls, or other soft balls.

Zombie Attack

To play Zombie Attack, everyone stands in the back yard. One person is the human and the other people play the zombies.

The human kneels at the top of the garden with a pile of tennis balls. The zombies line up at the bottom of the garden.

The zombies shuffle forward, moaning and groaning and saying “Brains! Brains!”

The human has to throw tennis balls at the zombies to keep them at bay. When a zombie is hit with a tennis ball, they have to go back to the bottom of the garden and start again.

If a zombie reaches the top of the garden without being hit by a tennis ball, they get to attack the human and eat his brains.

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