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Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery is a game you can play at your Halloween party. It is also known as “Murder in the Dark” or “Murderer and Detective”.

Murder Mystery

To play Murder Mystery, you need at least 4 people. The more people you have, the better the game is.

To begin the game, you have to assign people their roles. Get a piece of paper for each person playing the game. On one piece of paper, you write “murderer”, on another you write “detective”, and on all of the rest you write “guest”.

Shuffle the pieces of paper and hand them out to the players. The person who is the detective must leave the room and wait outside. The person who is the murderer must keep it a secret and pretend to be one of the guests.

Everyone walks around the room, pretending to be at a party. Someone counts to three and then turns off the lights. (The room has to be pitch black, so make sure you play this in a room where no one will bump into any sharp things.)

The murderer wanders around in the dark and choses a victim. He taps them on the shoulder or the head. When someone is tapped on the shoulder, they have to scream out “Murder!!!” and then fall down on the ground and pretend to be dead. When you hear the person shout “Murder!”, you turn on the lights again.

The detective comes into the room and surveys the scene. He can ask everyone questions and try to determine who the murderer is. Finally, he must accuse someone of being the murderer. Then, if the detective gets it wrong, the real murderer must reveal himself and confess to the murder. The murderer now gets to be the detective and the game starts again.

If the detective gets it right and solves the murder mystery, then he stays in the role of detective and the game begins again.

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