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  • Well… you’re kind of mixing up two different things… you’re talking about wiccans and the pagan religion that worshipped nature that existed in Ireland and England hundreds of years ago… This page is just about the made-up scary stories from folklore about evil old hags who kidnap children and cast evil spells… Basically, the historical pagan “witch” is completely different from the fairytale witch… Anyway this page will be deleted or redone at some stage in the future…

  • Wow, SFK, I’ve been a fan for a long time but this is really offending. I practice Wiccan. It isn’t evil. You choose your own Deity (god/goddess) and i choose GOD. The one and only God. It’s not evil. This is offensive. Why would you say something so mean? For your information, witches can be beautiful. I’m working on a modeling casting right now. I think that i would have to look pretty nice if I’m an amateur model, right? Why don’t you get a conscience and stop being rude to other Wiccans? I can’t believe you said that.

    And if this is a section about witches, why don’t you actually put some in here? There’s Mother Shipton from England, or Morgan Le Fay, who was famous because of her direct association with the Isle of Avalon and England’s ancient Pagans, Druids. Or maybe Marie Laveau, the famous voodoo queen? Get your facts straight again SFK, because this use to be my favorite sight!

  • i’m one too. i haven’t been one for very long though. but yes, we are very peaceful and most of us don’t even believe in the devil! stupid Hollywood. blessed be. )O(

  • I’m a witch, and I don’t have a pointy-black hat, I’m not green, and I don’t have warts. I follow the religion of Wicca, and we’re very a very peaceful faith.

    The devil is purely a Christian belief, and witches like myself, and other Wiccans, have no connection to evil forces.

  • real withches are not green and have warts they look like normal people but they have powers like making potions and stuff and there from the devil

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