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The Willies

The Willies

The Willies is a strange little horror anthology for kids. It stars Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings as a kid who camps with his friends in a tent in his backyard. The boys start swapping scary stories and trying to gross each other out with adolescent humor.

The Willies

The Willies movie features various urban legends, like the dog in the microwave, and some long tales or horror. The first concerns a tormented boy who finds a monster in the boy’s lavatory at school. Terrified, he wets himself with fear and it’s easy to imagine a child thinking twice about using a bathroom stall after viewing this film.

The second and most memorable tale features Gordy Belcher, an overweight social reject who spends his days creating tiny dioramas of dead flies. He’s impossible to sympathize with, but bizarrely fascinating anyway. He has a constantly constipated expression unless he’s witnessing somebody in anguish, in which case he howls with delight. His private war with a crypt keeper like farmer ends when the farmer offers him an olive branch in the form of magic manure that escalates growth in plant-life. Gordy’s tiny insect obsessions dine on the doo and greet him at the foot of his bed in new gargantuan form ready to extract long overdue revenge.

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