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Westing Game

Westing Game

The Westing Game (also known as Get A Clue) is a horror movie for young kids based on the book by Ellen Raskin. The tenants of the Sunset Towers must compete to learn who killed an eccentric millionaire and win a $20 million inheritance.

Westing Game

The Westing Game was a favorite childhood book for many, but if you loved the book, you’ll probably be disappointed with the movie. There were a lot of changes made in bringing it to the screen.

A girl is angry about having to move to the city, but gets involved in a mystery when a rich neighbor is found dead. His will suggests that one of the people in her apartment house is his killer and doles out clues to find the culprit – as well as win $20 million. The weird neighbors include Berthe Erica Crow, Sydelle Pulaski, and Sandy McSouthers.

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