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White Envelopes

White Envelopes

The White Envelopes is a scary story about a boy in school who kills himself due to bullying. It is based on a Japanese story. In Japanese schools, suicide is a big problem. The suicide rate among Japanese students is unusually high and, every year, it keeps rising. The day on which the most suicides occur is September 1st, which the day most Japanese schools start back after the summer break. The most common reason Japanese students commit suicide is bullying.

In my school, there was a boy who committed suicide. One day, he went up to the roof of the school and simply jumped off. It was very sad. Everyone knew the reason he had done it, but nobody wanted to say it out loud. He was being bullied.

Back then, bullying wasn’t seen as such a problem. In fact, teachers sometimes tolerated it or just ignored it and the students who bullied others often didn’t even get into trouble.

A year later, just when everyone was beginning to forget about the boy’s suicide, something strange happened. One of the girls in his class was a friend of mine and she filled me in on all the details.

One morning, when the students entered the classroom, they found white envelopes waiting for them on their desks. There was an envelope on the desk of every single person, including the teacher.

Their names were neatly printed on each envelope and, in the upper right hand corner, was the name of the sender. It was the name of the boy who had killed himself.

They all thought it was some kind of weird joke, so they sat down at their desks and started opening the envelopes.

The girl who told me this story opened her envelope, but there was nothing inside. In fact, as it turned out, many of the envelopes were empty.

There were, however, a few that contained something.

The only people who received a white envelope that had something inside were the bullies who had driven the boy to commit suicide and the teacher who had turned a blind eye to what was going on.

One by one, they opened their envelopes and looked inside and, one by one, their faces turned deathly pale.

My friend didn’t know what their envelopes contained, but it seemed to be something terrible.

The teacher suddenly stood up, grabbed his briefcase and hurried out of the classroom. The students could see him through the window, hastily getting into his car and driving off. He never came back to the school. There were rumors that he had a nervous breakdown.

The strangest thing of all was what happened a few days later. One morning, just before school started, all of the bullies in the class calmly walked up the stairs to the roof and, one by one, they jumped off.

As the girl was telling me this, her face went pale.

“Nobody knows why they did it,” she said. “The police investigated and claimed it was some sort of bizarre suicide pact. But I know what really happened. It was whatever was contained in those white envelopes. That’s what caused them to do it. The boy they bullied came back to take revenge on the students who had tormented him.”

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