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School Broadcast

School Broadcast

The School Broadcast is a spooky story about a mystery voice that appeared one morning over a school’s loudspeaker system.

This happened in an elementary school in Japan. One morning, shortly after 10:00 AM, the school broadcast system suddenly came on and a strange voice was heard over the loudspeakers.

It sounded like a woman’s voice, low and barely audible. Nobody could make out the words, but it seemed to be repeating the same thing over and over. The eerie, monotonous murmuring echoed around the school.

Some of the younger children got scared and started crying. The teachers tried to calm them down.

Some of the older students listened carefully and thought they could make out some of the words. It sounded like:

“…eez …ook …ill …zee …eez …ook …ill …zee…”

One teacher (the 3rd grade teacher) left his classroom and headed towards the school broadcasting room to see what was going on.

A few minutes later, the voice stopped and the loudspeakers were quiet. The school principal and some other teachers went to the broadcasting room and asked the 3rd grade teacher about the situation, but he just said, “There was no one making the broadcast. The room was empty.”

The school principal decided that it must have been a prank or some other malicious mischief. Someone must have broken into the broadcasting room and played a recording. He decided to keep the room locked when it wasn’t in use to prevent anything similar happening in the future.

However, shortly afterwards, strange things started to happen.

The day after the incident, the 3rd grade teacher was absent from school. The principal said he called in sick. The teacher never came back to school again and it was said that he was forced to retire due to poor physical health.

A few of the 3rd grade students were worried about their teacher and tried to write him a letter, but they didn’t receive any reply. One found the teacher’s home phone number and tried to call him, but nobody answered. The phone just rang and rang.

A rumor began spreading around the school that the teacher was mentally ill and had been hospitalized.

All of the students were wondering what the voice from the mystery broadcast had been saying.

“…eez …ook …ill …zee …eez …ook …ill …zee…”

There were various opinions. Everyone seemed to have heard something different. Some students said they heard one thing, others claimed they heard something else.
However, there were a few students who agreed that this is what the voice was saying:

“Please do not look… You will go crazy.”

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