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Wet Pants

Wet Pants

Wet Pants is a funny story about a scary story told around the campfire.

Wet Pants

A few years ago, I was a camp counsellor. Every Halloween we would take a group of kids on a trip to Lake Arrowhead. After we pitched our tents, we always built a campfire at the edge of the lake and sat around all night telling ghost stories.

The kids were all boys and girls aged between 12 and 14. As the stories started I could never imagine the nightmare it would bring for one young boy in particular.

One of the kids started telling a scary story about a deranged killer with a huge machete who went around stalking campers. As he told his gruesome story, everyone cuddled closer together. One by one, all of the characters in his story fell victim to the machete-wielding maniac.

As the tension mounted and the story came to a really scary part, the boy who was telling the story suddenly let out a loud yell. It shattered the silence and suddenly everyone was screaming. Then the kids realized that they had been fooled and everybody started laughing.

However, one young boy suddenly jumped out of his seat and started running away into the darkness. Since I was the camp counsellor, I had to chase after him. I yelled out as he raced towards the lake. I thought he was going to stop at the water’s edge but he didn’t.

He plunged into the lake as I watched. All I could do was yell “Stop!”

In the darkness, I hurried towards the spot where he had plunged in. The other kids watched in shock as I dove in after him. The water was only four feet deep, but it was freezing cold. I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him out of the water.

He was drenched from head to toe. Someone brought a blanket and put it around him as we walked back to the campfire. Once he had dried off, I took him aside to talk to him and see why he had been so terrified by the story.

He said that he wasn’t frightened by the story. But the storyteller’s sudden yell caught him off guard and he had accidentally peed his pants. He didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of everyone, so thinking quickly, he ran off and jumped into the water to hide the wet patch.

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