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Wedding March

Wedding March

The Wedding March was a funny scary ghost story told by Gerald in the Hey Arnold episode “Ghost Bride”.

Wedding March

The Wedding March

It all started 80 years ago with a beautiful young woman named Cynthia Snell. She was very much in love with her fiance and was counting the days until they would be married. Her fondest dream was that they would always love each other, and live happily ever after.

Finally, the day arrived on which she was to be married. She looked radiant as she stood at the altar in her white wedding dress. But, as the hours went by, and the organist played the wedding march over and over, the bride realized what everybody already suspected. The husband-to-be had skipped out and left her at the altar.

Later, the bride found out why her fiance had not shown up: He had fallen in love with her sister. The next day they were married.

That night, the bride went to her closet and put on her wedding dress. She went down to the basement and found a big, sharp axe. She walked the 13 blocks to her sister’s house. The sister and her new husband were sleeping in bed. They never saw the terrible event coming.

Driven utterly mad by jealousy,the bride hacked her sister and her former fiance to death in their sleep.

When the police came, they found her sitting in a rocking chair, next to the bodies. She was rocking herself back and forth, sprinkling rice over the corpses and smiling while she hummed the wedding march.

The stunned policemen could only watch in horror as she leaped off the chair and jumped out the window, falling to her death.

They buried her in her wedding dress, and every year, on the anniversary of her gruesome deeds, the Ghost Bride rises from the grave and wanders around among the headstones, humming the wedding march. Brandishing her bloody axe, she goes looking for more victims.

The anniversary of the horrible murders is tonight.

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