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Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder

The Voice Recorder is a creepy story about a man who is injured in the mountains and makes recordings of himself asking for help. The police find something strange and inexplicable on the recordings.

Voice Recorder

A man went missing while he was out mountain climbing by himself. Three years later, the man’s skeletal remains were found in a marshy area in the mountains.

When the authorities were recovering the body, they discovered a voice recorder among his possessions. The man’s voice was recorded on the tape, calling out for help. He apparently got injured in a fall and was unable to move.

The tape was never released to the media, but the police played part of it for the man’s bereaved family. The man recorded messages asking for help, but there was also more on the recording.

It was as if the man was frightened by something. Apparently, there seemed to be something going on in the night. The man was desperately speaking into the voice recorder.

Day 1
“It’s night… I can hear the sound of a voice… a person’s voice… I can hear the voice calling… But there’s no one out there… It’s the middle of the night… Nobody is there…”

Day 2
“Help… There’s a voice… It comes at night… It calls to me from the dark… It’s closer than yesterday… I’m terrified… Please help me… I’m scared… Very, very scared… Someone help me…”

Day 3
“It’s coming nearer… Help… I can hear it getting closer and closer… I’m trembling with fear… Please help me… It’s calling to me… Please please… It’s evil… I can’t stand it anymore… It’s so close… Help me! Please…”

At this point, the tape ended. The man didn’t record anything more.

The police inspected the voice recorder and the tape in detail. The only thing they heard on the tape was the man’s voice. No other suspicious sounds were recorded on it.

However, after a lot of analysis, the expert found a different sound on the recording. It was recorded at the end of the 3rd day, but it was incomprehensible. The analyst managed to enhance it. It was not the voice of the injured man. It was the voice of another human being.

When it spoke, it was right next to the voice recorder, as if it was whispering in the man’s ear.

It clearly said, “Hey!”

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