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Other Side

Other Side

The Other Side is a scary story about an abandoned house that has a strange sign on the wall with a phone number on it.

The Other Side

When I was growing up, there was an abandoned building in my neighborhood that was said to be haunted. I don’t know if it had been a shop or just a private residence, but there was an old sign on the wall that read: “The Other Side”

There was also a telephone number on the sign. There was an urban legend about it. They said that if you called that number, you would be connected to the spirit world.

One day, I wrote down the number on a piece of paper and when I got home, I decided to call it. This was long before everyone had mobile phones, so I was using my home phone to make the call.

When I dialed the number, I heard the sound of ringing on the other end, but nobody picked up. I called it a few more times, but no matter how long I waited, no one answered.

To amuse ourselves, my friends and I called the number several times, but it just rang and rang. One day, my friends came over to my house to hang out and one of them came up with an idea.

“Why don’t we go over to the abandoned house tonight and break in,” he said. “One person can stay here and call the number. Then we can check if we hear a phone ringing.”

It sounded like fun, so we decided to do it.

My friends left and I stayed at home by the phone. I waited for a while, giving them enough time to get to the abandoned house and go inside, and then I called the number.

I heard the usual ringing sound, but then there was some sort of interference on the line. All of a sudden, the ringing stopped and it sounded as if the phone was answered.

I thought that one of my friends had picked up the phone, so I asked “How is it going over there?” but I didn’t get a reply.

Instead, I heard a strange voice on the other end of the phone. It sounded like hundreds of different voices, some male, some female, some low and gravelly, some shaky and high-pitched, all speaking together.

The voice said, “THEY HAVE ARRIVED…” and then the call was cut off.

I was so scared, I was literally trembling with fear as I waited for everyone to come back. However, my friends never came back that day.

I was worried about them, so I called them all at their houses. They all answered and said the same thing:

“The phone didn’t ring at all, so we got bored and went home.”

I thought it was quite odd that they would all go home without saying anything.

After that, my friends stopped hanging around with me. Whenever I called them and asked them if they wanted to meet up, they always made excuses. Little by little, we stopped keeping in contact and somehow we all became estranged.

Years later, I went to my school reunion. I was hoping to meet my old friends, but none of them showed up. When I asked about them, I was told that they had all died of a mysterious illness many years before.

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