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Video Nasty

Video Nasty

Video Nasty is a short creepy tale about a woman who has a strange visitor turn up on her doorstep one dark and lonely night.

Video Nasty

One evening, a young woman named Betty was home alone, when she heard a knock at the front door. She opened it and found a young man standing there on the doorstep. He told her that his car had broken down and asked if he could come in and make a call because his cell phone battery had run out.

Betty was a friendly young woman and she readily agreed to help him. After he made his phonecall, she offered him a drink. They sat down in the lounge and began to discuss anything and everything. Their conversation continued long into the night.

As it was getting late, Betty yawned and told the young man that it was probably time for him to go home. However, he ignored her and continued to talk about his passion for movies. He listed all the movies he had seen recently and asked her opinion about them.

He continued to talk and brought up the subject of video nasties. Betty didn’t know what the term meant. He explained that a video nasty was a film in which a person was actually murdered. No special effects. No camera tricks. Everything was real. Betty began to get a little creeped out and explained that she had been terrified when she watched one horror movie in particular.

It was the morbid story of a young woman who was trapped by three psychopaths who left a camera running as they killed her and chopped her up. The man began to talk more and more about viseo nasties and the longer he spoke, the more uneasy she became.

While he was talking, Betty’s attention was suddenly drawn by a peculiar red glow under the jacket of her guest. Her face grew pale when she realized it was the unmistakable red light of a camera that was recording…

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