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Late Night Show

Late Night Show

The Late Night Show is a scary story about a paranormal TV program in Japan that features a strange photograph of three girls.

Late Night Show

Years ago, there was a TV show that was broadcast late at night in Japan. The program dealt with ghosts, paranormal activity and unexplained mysteries. One one episode of the show, the host selected three teenage girls from the audience and sent them to explore a haunted house live on TV.

A camera crew followed the girls through the creepy old building filming everything they did. The audience watched as the girls jumped at every strange noise they heard and screamed at every strange shadow they saw. In the end, the three girls came out of the house in tears, trembling and shaking and the audience had a great time laughing at their fear.

Afterwards, one of the crew took a picture of the three girls standing in front of the house as a memento. Although the girls hadn’t encountered anything truly paranormal in the house, something strange happened when the photo was developed.

The three girls appeared totally different in the photograph. The first girl was completely black, from head to toe, the second girl was surrounded by a thick, white smoke and the third girl’s head was missing.

Even more disturbing was what transpired a few days later. The first girl was killed under mysterious circumstances. Her house was set on fire while she was asleep in bed and she was burned alive. When they took out her charred corpse on a stretcher, it looked just like in the photo.

This seemed to be too much of a coincidence and when the host of the TV show heard about it, he decided to dedicate the next episode to telling the story of the girls and the photograph. He invited the two surviving girls into the studio to be interviewed.

On the night that they were recording the next episode of the show, the second girl arrived on time, but the third girl never showed up. The audience were seated and the cameras started rolling. The host explained how the photograph had been taken and assured the viewers that there were no camera tricks.

He introduced the second girl and she walked out onto the stage. As the audience applauded, she took a seat beside the host’s desk. Before she had a chance to answer any questions, a studio light dropped from the ceiling and fell on her. She was electrocuted right in front of the horrified audience. By the time the crew managed to plug out the light, thick white smoke was billowing off the girl’s body.

The host couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The dead girl looked just like she did in the photo.

“Don’t stop filming!” he shouted. “Keep those cameras rolling!”

During the chaos that followed, nobody saw the mother of the third girl arrive at the studio. She stumbled through the doors, clutching a bundle in her arms. Her hair was in disarray and her clothes were stained with blood.

She made her way onto the stage, placed the bundle on the desk in front of the host and unrolled it. Inside was her daughter’s severed head.

“Look at what your show has done to my baby!” she screamed.

Later, they found out what had happened. The third girl was on her way to the studio with her mother. They were running late, so they asked the taxi driver to hurry. Speeding down the city streets in the pouring rain, he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into the back of a truck. The third girl had been decapitated on impact and her mother witnessed the entire thing. The horrible sight had driven the poor woman completely insane.

The television station never broadcast the episode, the host was fired and the show was immediately cancelled. In an effort to cover it up and avoid public outrage, they destroyed all of the footage that had been recorded. Even still, it is a taboo topic in the Japanese TV industry.

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