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USS Lexington

USS Lexington

The USS Lexington is also known as The Blue Ghost and is now haunted by the ghosts of its dead crew who were killed during World War II. The ship is now a museum on the bay.

One of the carrier’s first casualties was a pilot whose plane developed a serious oil leak while airborne. Rather than place the ship and its crew in jeopardy, he chose to ditch his plane. His body and his plane were never recovered.

When the Lexington was in service, she was torpedoed during WWII. The crewmen who died during this attack are said to haunt the ship.

The most famous ghost is that of the engine room operator who was killed in battle. He has never harmed anyone and only makes his presence known when tourists enter the engine room. Sometimes he becomes impatient and slams doors and turns off lights.

USS Lexington Ghost
USS Lexington Ghost in the engine room.

Visitors say they feel a cold chill when they pass the room and one claimed to have seen something moving around in the darkness of the empty engine room. Another said he saw the engineer’s ghost looking intently at the engine as though trying to fix something.

Others have told stories of feeling something hurriedly push past them, hearing footsteps in the halls, being in the bathroom when the lights turned on and off by themselves and being in bed and feeling the covers beging tugged off them.

Recently, some cadets were staying overnight on the USS Lexington. They got up during the night and ran around the ship on a dare. Running through the engine room, they came face to face with the ghost of the dead crewman.

The most chilling story is about a family of four who showed up to the ship for the first time. Right after they bought tickets and walked on board, they saw a man dressed in uniform who asked them if they wanted a tour. The family agreed and followed the man around the ship, but lost sight of him below deck.

They found the manager and asked him about their missing tour guide. They described him, saying he was blond, dressed in uniform, had piercing blue eyes and called himself “Charlie”. The manager said “We have no one like that working here. The man you just described died on this ship during the war”.

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