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The shipwreck of the SS Kamloops in Lake Superior is shrouded in mystery. It was thought that there were no survivors, but six months later bodies were found on a nearby island. Apparently, survivors of the shipwreck had starved to death waiting for rescue even though nobody was looking for them.

Divers tell stories of a body that is still trapped in the engine room of the ship wreck. The story goes that in a fresh water lake, at that depth, there are no fish to eat the remains and the temperature is so low all year round, a body won’t decompose. Also, it is too dangerous to recover a body trapped that far down. So the unfortunate crewman, nicknamed “Whitey” or “Grandpa” by locals, just floats there in the engine room, perfectly preserved.

Divers who have been down to the wreck have reported strange encounters such as being followed by the body or being surprised suddenly by the body floating towards them. They say the body is ghostly white and still has it’s wedding ring on it’s finger.

scary for kids

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