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Under Wraps

Under Wraps

Disney’s Under Wraps (1997) is a scary movie for kids about a group of young people who encounter a reanimated Egyptian mummy.

Under Wraps

I first saw this movie on Disney Channel. I remember that they played it around Halloween, and that I really, really liked it. If you’re looking for just a fun watch with kids, grab Disney’s Under Wraps. Not only is it entertaining as hell, but it’s got an entertaining plot, great characterization, astounding acting by kids and adults alike, some really good laughs and some kid-friendly but effective scares. Five stars all around!

The main kid in Under Wraps loves horror movies, his best friend is scared and nerdy, and the opinionated girl in the group has a crush on the lead. The kids come together to help out a mummy who pretty much lost his way. He gets woken up, and the slapstick ensues. During the movie, they all go through changes and face their fears to help out their new friend. Real life-lesson type of stuff. I’m really looking foreward to having my little sister view and enjoy this great flick for the first time, and as I said, my brother faintly remembers this movie. I loved it because it had so many cool, flushed out characters and it was actually funny and almost scary for a kids movie at the same time. I can’t wait until my bro and sis sit down to watch this piece of cinematic gold because I know that when they laugh at some mummy standing still in a boy’s bedroom while his mom is scoffing at him, I’m going to laugh that much harder.

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