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Tower Of Terror

Tower Of Terror

Disney’s Tower Of Terror (1997) is a scary movie for kids starring Kirsten Dunst and Steve Gutenberg.

Tower of Terror

Kirsten Dunst stars as plucky teen niece to Steve Guttenberg in this 1997 Disney made-for-TV film based on the ride at Disney/MGM Studios, Florida. Steve Guttenberg stars as Buzzy, a down-on-his-luck former journalist relegated to concocting stories for a Weekly World News-inspired tabloid. He investigates an old woman’s story behind the famous disappearance of five people including a beloved Shirley-Temple-like child actress that occurred at the Hollywood Hotel in the 1930s. The so-called “Tower of Terror”. Everyone says the Hollywood Hotel is haunted now, and when Guttenberg explores it, he finds out why.

There are some scary segments, which will definitely be exciting for younger viewers. And for older kids and adult viewers, Dunst’s presence and a fun story makes this an engaging film. In typical Disney fashion this film was fun to watch for folks young and old who enjoy the traditional Disney stuff. Special effects were great. Loved the actual shots of the MGM Tower of Terror that seemed to be interlaced into the film. Sure looked like it. Great film for the whole family to watch.

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