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TV Movies

TV Movies

Watch the best TV Movies in the horror genre online. There have been a number of great scary made for TV movies and below you will find the pick of the crop.

TV Movies

Because these movies are made for television, they can’t show any blood and guts. That means they have to hike up the creep factor, making them really disturbing, scary and terrifying.

TV Movies
Trilogy of Terror Dark Night of the Scarecrow Salem’s Lot
TV Movies
Stephen Kings IT Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark The Boogens
TV Movies
The Car Duel The Stand

I know What you Did
The Night Stalker
The Norliss Tapes
The Initiation of Sarah
Dark Secret Of Harvest Home
Death At Love House
Moon of the Wolf
Summer Of Fear
Crowhaven Farm
Mazes And Monsters
Stone Tape

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  • Summary of Killdozer
    Once upon a time there is a buldozer that controled by an insane killer and he kill everyone. Blood everywhere. Everyone die.
    The End.

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