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Strange Days

Strange Days

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High is a Canadian paranormal TV show for kids. The series was about a group of teenagers who go to a school nicknamed Black Hole High.

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

In Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, a group of five friends and their favorite teacher realize that strange things are going on at their boarding school. They form a Science Club to uncover what is going on and must figure out what a wormhole, a floating ball and a destroyed science lab have to do with the mystery.

The intro goes like this: “Blake Holsey high… Just another boarding school, or so I thought. But things are a little different here. I’ve made some friends. Even got a cool teacher. The principal is definitly hiding something. And this guy, Victor Pearson… Somehow he’s behind all the really weird stuff that happens here. We’ll figure it out. But in the meantime, these are… strange days at Blake Holsey High.”

Spanning four seasons, the series developed into a success, and has been sold to networks around the globe. It intertwines elements of mystery, drama, romance, and comedy. The show is structured around various scientific principles, with emotional and academic struggles combined with unfolding mysteries. 42 episodes of the series have been produced and the three final episodes that aired were combined into a film called “Strange Days – Conclusions”.

Starring: Emma Taylor-Isherwood as Josie Trent; Michael Seater as Lucas Randall; Robert Clark as Vaughn Pearson; Shadia Simmons as Corrine Baxter; Noah Reid as Marshall Wheeler; Jeff Douglas as Prof. Zachary; Valerie Boyle as Principal Amanda Durst; and Lawrence Bayne as Victor Pearson.

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