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True Scary Doll Story

True Scary Doll Story

This is my true story about a scary doll that freaked me out. It’s all true. And it happened to me. My two cousins lived about an half hour away from my old house. We would visit them frequently when we were small. My cousins, two girls, shared a room and they had a bunk bed. One night when my brother and I slept over their house something occurred that I don’t have any explaination for, up to today. My brother slept with my youngest cousin while I shared the top bunk with my other cousin. (we were kids, and the bunks were big enough to hold 2 small kids comfortably)

Suddenly, I woke up, my eyes just opened. It was early morning, between the time where night ends and dawn begins. Pale bluish light filling the room, you know what I mean? Well, I sat up in bed, (remember we were in the top bunk) the room had that eerie look, due to the blue light and the perspective from the top bunk. At the foot of the bunk beds, there was a dresser with a huge mirror on it. There are few things on this dresser, little girl things, dolls, jewelry boxes, and so on.

I was fully awake, and I knew it. I looked over at my cousin at my side, she was sleeping. I looked outside the window, which was at my other side of the bed…it was starting to get lighter. Then, I looked at the dresser. On the dresser, in the center, there is a huge doll, those old fashioned kinds, with full, ugly pastel colored dress, bonnet on its head, glass eyes that open when it’s upright and closes when you lie it down, those type of dolls. This doll was looking right at me.

I didn’t notice anything unusual until it started to move slowly. It moved its head and looked out the door into the hallway, and blinked its eyes. Then, it slowly turned its head back towards me. I sat there, in terror. I started to tremble. I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do. The doll blinked at me again. I was suddenly filled with horror…I can’t explain it…I was so uncontrollably terrified. I wanted to scream, but couldn’t. I kept staring at this doll. It moved its arms up a bit, it was those type that was jointed, like a barbie doll’s arms. It repeated the process of turning its head towards the door and back to me.

While staring at the doll, I reached over and tried to shake my cousin awake…she wouldn’t awake…(she is a deep sleeper.) I don’t really remember what I did next, horror probably blocked out some of it. The next thing I remember, I was in my Aunt’s bedroom, screaming for her to wake up. She woke up, and asked me what was wrong. My screaming had woke up the kids, and they came into her bedroom. I told them what happened. All of us walked back to the kids’ bedroom. I was so scared to point out the doll. But I managed to do so. My Aunt went over to the doll, and checked it out, and stated that I must have been dreaming. The only person that believes me is my cousin that I was sharing the bunk with. She told me that a few things have happened in that house, such as hearing footstep pounding up the stairs, when nobody was there.

From that day on, I would never, never go into my cousins’ bedroom by myself. Thank god they have moved house now, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

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  • I used to have 6 Barbies, with dresses and accesories, like 30 baby dolls, open-shut eyes, they had a little sleeper and diapers. (Not like Baby Alive) And I found out like 4 years ago, that my basement is FULL of old Barbies. I asked to play with some, because they belonged to my mother. Of course my father and stepmother told me no. They were old collectibles, that they were going to sell. None of them have sold yet, so I asked again if I could at least put one of the boxes in my dresser. The dresser also belonged to my mother. (At least they let me have that!) They again, refused. I changed from a dress with butterflies on it, to a shirt I got from my elementary school that says “KREITNER EXTREME READER” on it, and a pair of Scooby Doo overalls, which my mother bought for me, before I was even born. I came downstair holding something I used to call Mr. Chicky. (Don’t judge me. I got that before I was born as well. You know those things, that when you knock them down they get up again, and they are shaped like eggs??? This one looked like a chicken, and had a bell inside. Thus the name Mr. Chicky, and why I always carried him around. My bro however threw it out. I balled my eyes out for like…an hour I think…It was a Fisher Price toy if I’m not mistaken.) I again asked. And guess what I got??? I AGAIN got a “No, you can’t have them, we have to sell them.” They did NOT have to sell them. They each had 5,000,000 dollars!!!!!!!! They just wanted more money. Whenever I get a new toy, and open it, start messing with it. They’ll take it. They’ll say it’s too loud. Even if it’s just a puzzle…it’s like “Can I ever have anything?!”

  • OML. this reminds me of a time i put a barbie doll in a cupboard upstairs, and the next morning it had moved downstairs.!

  • when i was younger i played with these dolls and somtimes i would hit them . and then i would lock them up in a cupboard or in some other room so that they won’t kill me and i would have sleepless nights coz i would hear eerie sounds every other second .and that was really creepy .

  • SECOND! Um… I used to love Barbie dolls as a little kid… and the bad thing is, I have a billion of them at home, from my sister… *shudders* they could be watching me now…

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