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Tell Me About Yourself

Tell Me About Yourself

Tell Me About Yourself is a scary story about a girl who goes into a chat room late at night, looking for someone to talk to.

Tell Me About Yourself

It was after midnight and Emily was still awake. Her parents had gone to bed an hour ago and all the lights in the house were off. The only light in her room was coming from her mobile phone.

Emily didn’t want to go to sleep. She was feeling lonely and she wanted to talk to someone. She was on her mobile phone, searching through internet chat rooms.

She lurked in a couple of rooms, watching the chat, but nobody seemed to be talking about anything interesting. She was just about to leave the chat room when she received a private message. It was from a user named Johnny187:

“Hi, I’m Johnny,” he wrote. “I’m 16 years old and I live in Chicago. Tell me something about yourself.”

Emily was glad that someone had taken an interest in her. Especially since that someone was a boy who was living in the same city as her.

In real life, nobody paid much attention to Emily. She definitely wasn’t ugly, but she wasn’t particularly good-looking either. She was somewhere in-between. She was the kind of girl that boys didn’t seem to notice when there was a prettier girl in the room.

At the age of 14, she had never had a boyfriend. She was a shy girl and although she didn’t want to admit it to herself, she had always dreamed of finding love. Not just ordinary love, but the kind of love they write about in romantic books and Hollywood movies.

She wondered if this Johnny was cute. He was 2 years older than her. She liked that. He’d probably be more mature than the boys in her class at school.

Before she had a chance to think of a witty reply, he sent her another message.

Johnny187: I’m quite athletic and I play a lot of sports. Girls tell me I’m handsome, but I don’t know if they’re serious or just saying that to make me feel good. I like rock music, mostly old stuff like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Please… tell me about yourself!

His message made her smile. She began to write back to him, but just then, she received another private message. This one, to her surprise, was from somebody else.

Mikey189: Hey Bambino! The name’s Mikey, but you can call me Michael. I’m 14 yozos (that’s how you say “years old” when you’re cool) and I live in Dallas. Tell me about yourself.

“Ugh… 14… Dallas,” Emily thought. “Sorry Mikey, not interested. Too young, too far away and too… ick!”

She closed down his message and went back to finish what she had been writing to Johnny. He had already sent her another message in the meantime.

Johnny187: I love taking long walks on the beach with my girlfriend… when I have a girlfriend. I’m usually very brave, but for some reason, I have this irrational fear of the dark and I don’t like to be alone. Now, I beg you… Tell me about yourself.

“He seems really cute and sweet,” Emily thought, “but something about him is a little off… It’s like he’s way too insistent. As if he’s trying too hard…”

Emily started typing:

“Hi Johnny. I’m sorry I took so long to write back to you. My name’s Emily. I’m 14 years old and I live in Chicago too. What a coincidence! I’m interested in fashion. I also like the same music as you… and taking long walks. I guess we have a lot in common!”

Just as she was about to hit “Send”, her phone suddenly shut down. The screen went black and she was plunged into darkness.

“Oh no!” she whispered. “I forgot to plug it in. The battery is wasted.”

In the dark, she groped around on the floor and found the charger. She plugged her phone in and switched it on again.

When the screen came back up, she saw something strange. In white text, against a black background, there was just a long list of nicknames. They all had a number after them, from 1 all the way to 189.


At the bottom, there was a message:

“Welcome Emily190. Tell me about yourself.”

All of a sudden, her phone shut down again and Emily was surrounded by darkness.

“Damn!” she muttered under her breath.

The house was eerily silent. She couldn’t see a thing.
Just then, she heard a faint whisper behind her.

“Tell me about yourself.”

Emily gasped and her heart skipped a beat. At that moment, she felt a pair of icy hands touching her shoulders. They slid up her neck and across her cheeks until they were covering her mouth. She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t make a sound. She couldn’t even open her mouth.

The next morning, Emily’s parents awoke to find their beloved daughter lying dead on the floor of her bedroom. She was completely naked and her phone was still clutched in her hand. There wasn’t a mark on her.

When the police arrived, they examined the girl’s body and discovered something had been stuffed in her mouth. It was a crumpled piece of paper. They opened it and found that it was a note. In scrawled handwriting, it read:

“Hi, I’m Emily. I’m 14 years old and I’m the 190th victim.”

The policeman sighed. “Another one,” he said, shaking his head.

He stood up, handed the note to the homicide detective and then took off his gloves.

“Not a mark on her,” the detective replied as he slipped the note into an evidence bag. “Suffocated. Just like all the others. 190 teenagers in 190 days. Whoever this maniac is, he’s on a rampage. I just can’t figure out how he gets in and out without leaving a trace. The doors are all locked. The windows are all shut. No fingerprints. No DNA. Not even so much as a stray hair. It’s uncanny…”

The End.

Now that you have read this, please heed my warning. If you ever come across a message like the one Emily received, whatever you do, don’t reply. You never know what could happen.

Anyway, I’m ScaryForKids346 and I’m 18 years old. As you can see, I enjoy writing scary stories to keep people entertained. If you liked this story, I ask only one thing. Share the link with your friends and then leave a comment below and tell me about yourself.

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