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Give Me Back My Heart

Give Me Back My Heart

Give Me Back My Heart is a scary story for kids. It is based on a Spanish urban legend.

Give Me Back My Heart

There was a married couple who loved each other very much. Soon after the wedding, the wife gave birth to a baby girl. As she grew older, the little girl developed an unhealthy love for her father and an inordinate hatred for her mother.

She told her father she wanted to marry him and she wanted to kill her mother and then she would be happy forever. When he heard this, the father was angry and he told his daughter not to say such things. However, it wasn’t long before the little girl’s wish came true.

One day, as she was driving home, the mother was killed in a car crash. The father was devastated. During the funeral, the little girl tried to hide the devilish smile on her lips. She could barely contain her delight. Finally, her dreams were becoming a reality.

As time went on, the man sank into a deep depression, but he could not help noticing that his little daughter seemed unaffected by her mother’s death.

One evening, the man gave his daughter some money and told her to go to the butcher shop and buy a pig’s heart for the dinner. On the way, the girl took a short cut through the park and met some of her friends.

By the time she was finished playing with them, the butcher shop was closed. The little girl came up with a macabre idea. She went to the cemetery and ​​desecrated the grave of his mother. She dug up the coffin and ripped out her mother’s heart.

She went home and gave the heart to her father. He cooked it up and they ate it for dinner.

That night, when she was lying in bed, the girl heard a faint whisper. The voice sounded familiar and it seemed to be saying, “Give me back my heart.”

She listened hard and heard a creak upon the stairs and soft footsteps approaching her door. The knob turned slowly and the door creaked open as the ghost of her mother entered the room. The little girl was trembling. The mother extended her finger and touched her daughter’s chest. With a last gasp of horror, the little girl’s heart stopped beating. She died of pure terror.

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  • Also….
    Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think?- that in ‘Snow White,’ she wanted the heart of a human, and she got that of a pig (“You bring me the heart of a pig!”), and here he wanted a pig’s heart and got a human’s.

  • OMG…. She wanted to marry her father…..and hatred for mother? I mean she was just born because of her mother… That was very shocking and weird…

  • Wasn’t the body embalmed? And if it wasn’t wouldn’t the heart be rotten by then? And who in the heck asks for pig heart for dinner? And im pretty sure it would be difficult for that one girl to dig the grave up, open the coffin, and then rip her mom open to take her hear….i guess that why its just a story…and not a very believable legend. Anyways….the girl got what she deserved….sick she wanted to marry her father…that’s just plain old disgusting blek.

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