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Teacher Stories

Teacher Stories

Creepy Teacher Stories that are all scary but true. The vast majority of teachers are good, decent, nice people, but unfortunately, in every group, there are a few bad apples. These stories are true and happened to real people.

Scary Teacher Stories

1. I Was Stalked By My Teacher

When I was in high school, one of my teachers stalked me for a year. He was in his late 60s. He would show up at the fast food joint where I worked and wait all day for me to come in. He used to wait for me outside work and follow me when I was driving home. He even followed me into the grocery store. It was so creepy. I saw him every single day for months. He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was stalking me. I had to drive home by a different route every day to avoid him.

One day, he walked up to my little sister and started talking to her. I flipped out and called my Dad to tell him what was happening. My Dad came and threatened to kill the teacher if he ever came near either of us again. The teacher never did come back, but for a long time, I kept his name, description, telephone number and license plate number taped to my refrigerator, just in case I ever went missing, so the police would know where to look.

2. The Teacher Who Snapped

A group of 14-year old students in the UK decided to play a prank on their Science teacher. They smuggled a video camera into the classroom and planned to make the teacher lose his temper, so they could catch it on camera.

The students started misbehaving, shouting abuse at the teacher and calling him names. They never predicted what would happen next. When one boy told him to “F### off”, the teacher suddenly snapped. He picked up a dumbell and began hitting one boy over the head with it, shouting, “Die! Die! Die!”

CCTV footage showed terrified students fleeing from the enraged teacher. The boy was severely injured, but he didn’t die and later recovered. After a trial, the teacher was sentenced to community service and banned from ever teaching again.

3. Substitute Stalker

I was stalked by a substitute teacher in high school. He became the substitute teacher in all of my classes whenever a teacher was absent, which oddly enough started happening quite frequently. His eyes lit up when he first saw me. Somehow he learned my schedule and started to wait outside my classroom to meet me. He would show up at sports practice and hide behind trees. He would show up at home and away games. He even knew my birthday.

One day, I was sitting on a window sill in a 3rd floor classroom and he asked me out on a date. He inched closer and closer, waiting for my answer. I was afraid he was going to push me out the window, so I said yes. I told my friends about him and they witnessed his strange behavior.

My birthday was on a Friday. It was raining and I was pulling out of my parking spot to take my friend home. The teacher appeared out of nowhere. He walked around my car twice, knocked on the window and said, “You’re a brat. You’re nothing but a rich, spoiled brat. You don’t even deserve this car.” My friend told me then and there that if I didn’t do something about it, he was going to tell the principal on Monday morning.

I was terrified. I thought I would be blamed for this. I was afraid my parents would think it was all my fault. All weekend, I was terrified. Finally, Monday morning came and I was shaking in my boots. On the loudspeaker, the principal was announcing the day’s events. He said that the substitute teacher would not be back. He had suffered a heart attack in church on Sunday and died right there on the spot.

4. The Teacher Who Tossed a Girl Out a Window

A history teacher in China named Li Hengyi was accused of killing one of his students. The victim was an 11-year old girl named Zhang Yaoyi. The teacher flew into a rage and slammed her face into her desk. Then, he stomped on her head, kicked her, punched her and beat her with a metal bar until she was unconscious.

The teacher calmly told his class that he was going to take the young girl to the school infirmary. Then, inexplicably, he lifted her limp and motionless body off the floor and as the other students watched in horror, he tossed her out the window. The classroom was on the 4th floor and the girl fell to her death, landing on the pavement below.

Her stunned classmates ran out of the room, screaming and crying and classes were suspended. The teacher was arrested and he was found to be mentally ill. For this reason, he escaped the death penalty and was put in a mental asylum.

5. The Teacher Who Acted Strange

When I was 8 years old, we had a substitute teacher. As the day wore on, her behavior became increasingly erratic. She was getting us to draw dead people hanging from a noose. She would put her hands around the necks of some kids and start talking about Jesus.

We all started to get really scared, so a group of us said we needed to use the toilet and managed to sneak out and tell the headmaster. He came into the classroom a short while later. When he saw the drawings of dead people, he tried to get her out of the classroom, but she refused to leave. He ended up having to grab her under the arms and drag her kicking and screaming out of the room.

For the next 2 hours, we all just sat there quietly in disbelief. A few days later all of our parents were called into the school for a meeting and it was explained that the teacher had suffered a mental breakdown.

6. The Teachers Who Played a Scary Prank on Their Students

A group of teachers in Tennessee took a class of 70 sixth-grade students to a state park on a field trip. The teachers decided to play a prank on the kids, telling them that a mad gunman was on the loose. The sudents flew into a panic and lay on the floor or hid under tables, crying and praying for their lives as a teacher, dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, went around pretending to be the gunman, shaking doorknobs and knocking on windows to scare the kids. The students were eventually told it was a prank, but their parents weren’t amused. The teachers apologized, and claimed they had done it to teach the kids how to react if there was a real crazed gunman on the loose…

7. The Teacher Who Wore Short Shorts

My high school teacher would always wear shorts. When he was looking at your homework, he would put his foot up on your desk and lean on it. If you looked up, you could see straight up the leg of his shorts and he never wore any underwear. It was horrifying. Sometimes he would lean in and his crotch would be directly in front of your face. Once, he did it right behind one of my friends and she said she could feel something bumping against her shoulder. There were always deep gasps of disgust when he went around the classroom checking our homework…

8. The Teacher Who Beat a Boy to Death Over a Pencil

A school principal in New Delhi, India was accused of beating an 11-year-old boy to death over a stolen pencil. One of the students in the class lost their pencil. The principal searched the boy and after the missing pencil was found on him, the teacher slapped and punched him. The boy later began vomiting blood and died on the way to hospital. The school principal was arrested and charged with culpable homicide.

9. The Teacher Who Licked Stuff

My teacher was pretty weird. She used to wipe the blackboard with her hand and then lick the chalk off her fingers. She would also scratch her back frequently and have some skin under her fingernails.

One morning, during a test, I looked up and watched her take her hand and insert it down her blouse. She wiped it down her chest, across her stomach, around her sides, under her armpits and then took it back out again. “Wow… That was weird,” I thought to myself. 10 seconds later, she looked around the class to check if anyone was watching, then smelled her hand and licked it from the bottom of her palm to the tips of her fingers and began sucking on her fingertips.

I used to sit in the first row and she often borrowed my pencils without asking. I would cringe as I watched her holding them, chewing them, licking them… I couldn’t bear to use them after she touched them. By the end of the semester, I had two pencil cases. One for my own pencils and one for the pencils she touched.

10. The Teacher Who Told a Boy To Jump Out Of a Building

This happened in Jinjiang, China. A 10-year old boy named Jun Jun was caught talking in class by his teacher. As punishment, the teacher told him to write a 1000 word self-criticism essay. The boy couldn’t complete the task and wrote “Teacher, I can’t do it,” in his textbook, The teacher told him to jump out of a building. The boy obediently followed the teacher’s instructions. He plunged 30 floors to his death, landing on a parked car.

11. The Teacher Who Beat a Boy to Death Over a Couple of Dollars

A school teacher in Malaysia was charged with the murder of a seven-year-old boy. The boy was accused of stealing a couple of dollars from a classmate. As punishment, the teacher tied the boy to a window, then caned him and beat him for two hours. The boy fell into a coma and died in hospital three days later. The teacher was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging.

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  • You guys have no idea about the kind of student-teacher sh*t that goes down in India. Ask someone who actually lives there and these stories will pale by comparison. One example: A teacher pushed a 6 year old kid into deep waters so that the kid could retrieve a phone that the teacher accidentally dropped. The kid died. The phone was lost. At this moment, the case is still pending and the teacher is still on the loose.

  • Did anyone realize something weird in the last story??… It happen in malaysia right??… The teacher beat the student for stealing a DOLLAR… Malaysian currency is ringgit, not dollar… Right??

  • these are horrible,..and i thought only my teachers are mad and cruel but they were sweet people

  • In November 2014, India, a 16-year-old student committed suicide after his teacher allegedly mocked and beat him for failing to complete his class assignments. He left a suicide note blaming the teacher.

  • Well, back then, teachers in India were able to beat/discipline children if they didn’t behave or whatever… but I didn’t think it would come down to killing! I didn’t know this happened… But those are some creepy teachers.

  • Those are some pretty nasty human beings… And I know about the New Delhi case… It came out in the newspapers too

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