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Tamworth Castle in England has a Dungeon, a Haunted Bedroom and a lot of ghosts and spirits that are regularly seen inside its grounds.


The most famous ghosts associated with Tamworth castle are the Black Lady and White Lady. The White Lady is said to have been captured and locked in the Tower by the wicked Sir Tarquin. But after a while she fell in love with him and is said to walk the battlements around the castle, weeping over her lover who was slain by Sir Lancelot du Lac, who came to rescue her. Legend has it that the White Lady threw herself from the battlements when she found that Sir Tarquin was dead. Her weeping ghost has been seen walking the Battlements.

The Black Lady is allegedly the ghost of a nun called Editha who founded her order in the 9th century. The nuns were said to have been expelled from a nearby Convent by Baron Robert de Marmion. One night in 1139 after a lavish banquet, the baron was attacked by the ghost of Editha, who said that unless the nuns were restored to Polesworth, the Baron would meet an untimely death. Just before she vanished the spectre hit the Baron on the side with the point of her crosier; the wound was so terrible that Marmion’s cries awoke the whole Castle. His pain only ceased when this vow was taken and the nuns returned to Polesworth.

The Black Lady was once again recorded in 1949, when a team of ghost hunters carried out an overnight vigil at the castle. Just after the stroke of midnight, following noises on the staircase, a photograph was taken. When developed, the picture showed a shadowy hooded figure descending the stairs.


One night, Tamworth’s caretaker was called out because the alarm system had gone off. While waiting in the reception she became aware of the sounds of footsteps coming from the room above. Then she heard the scraping sounds of heavy furniture being dragged across the floor. She ran out the front gate and bumped into another employee who was coming to investigate the castle. He said he’d seen someone looking out of a window at the top of the castle. He said he simply waved and the figure stepped back into the darkness.

When she asked him to point to the window in question, he indicated the Ferrers Room, which is the one where all the noises had come from. When they investigated, the castle was completely empty and no furniture had been moved.

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