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Squires Castle in Ohio is haunted by a woman who was frightened to death in the house many years ago. Her anguished screams can still be heard today.


Squires Castle isn’t really a castle at all. It’s a house made of stone, built by an extremely wealthy man named Feargus Squire. He was planning to build a summer estate for himself, his wife and daughter.

But his wife, Mrs. Squire, hated the country and hated the summer cottage. She hated being left in the old building while her daughter and husband were in the city. She told people she heard odd sounds and weird whispers in the castle at night. She couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. Her husband dismissed his wife’s fears and payed no attention to her claims that the cottage was haunted.

Mrs Squire became convinced that the cottage was an evil place and she was terrified at the idea of spending time there. She had trouble sleeping and sometimes went for days without being able to rest. She walked around the house at night, carrying a small red lantern, jumping at every ghostly creak and eerie noise. The house was beginning to drive her insane.

One night, Mrs. Squire wandered into the trophy room of the house, a place that she usually avoided. No one really knows what happened, but whatever Mrs Squire saw that night, scared her to her very soul. She ran from the room, screaming in terror. In a blind panic, she tripped and fell, breaking her neck.

Her husband, woken from his slumber by the commotion, found his wife lying dead outside the trophy room, with a look of pure horror on her face. That night, he abandoned the cottage, blaming himself for his wife’s death.

As time passed, people passing by Squires Castle at night heard high-pitched screams and unearthly moans coming from within. They also saw a small red lantern floating in the windows of the old stone building, making its way from one room to another. According to local legends, Mrs. Squire was doomed to forever roam the summer cottage which tragically ended her life.

scary for kids

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