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Small Stories

Small stories for kids to read. Tall tales of ghosts, spooks and creepy situations.

Small Story

2. A Rainy Day

One day, I was on my way home from work. I stepped out of the subway and found that it had started raining heavily outside. Luckily, I had an umbrella with me, so I opened it and started walking. After a few minutes, I got the strangest feeling that something was wrong.

The atmosphere was very eerie and strange. As I walked down the darkened street in the pouring rain, I realized that every single person I passed by was standing perfectly still. None of them even had an umbrella over them. They were all completely silent and stood with their backs to me, all facing the same direction. I had to zig zag back and forth as I was walking to avoid bumping into them.

All of a sudden, a taxi pulled up right beside me and the driver rolled down the window. He put out his hand and urgently motioned for me to come over. I told him I didn’t need a taxi, but he kept saying, “Quick, get in! No charge! No charge!”

The taxi driver was so insistent that I decided to take him up on his offer of a free ride. Besides, the people on the street were beginning to give me the creeps. I got into the back of the taxi and with a screech of wheels, we drove off. The driver looked back over his shoulder at me. His face was deathly pale.

“I thought I should help you,” he said, “I saw you walking down an empty street as if you were trying to avoid bumping into people.”

4. The Taxi Driver

This story comes from the Philippines. There was a girl who was attending university. One night, she was out late with her friends. When it was time to go home, she hailed a taxi and got in. She told the taxi driver to take her back to her dorm on the university campus.

As they drove through the city streets, the driver was silent. The girl noticed him staring at her in his rearview mirror. The route he took was not one that she recognized. Afraid for her safety, she was wary throughout the ride, until the taxi made a right turn and she found herself just across the street from her dormitory.

Mildly shaken, she hurried to get out of the taxi, but the driver stopped her. In an urgent voice, he told her that as soon as she got home, she should take off her clothes and burn them. He explained that there was an evil spirit following her. He took a detour to try and ward off the demon. “When I looked at you in the mirror earlier,” he said, his voice shaking, “You didn’t have a head.”

5. The Father-in-law

There was a Japanese woman who fell in love with a young man. He still lived with his parents, so after they got married, she moved in with them.

The young man’s mother was very friendly to her and always treated her with kindness and generosity. However, the man’s father was a nasty individual and was extremely rude to her. He was stubborn and selfish and made everyone’s life miserable.

He was in a wheelchair and the mother had to take care of all of his needs. The old man was incredibly demanding and sat in his chair issuing orders. Every day, he demanded a bowl of Oxtail Soup.

A few months later, the mother passed away. The young woman was forced to take over the duties of caring for her father-in-law. Before long, the old man began to complain about her. He said his wife was much better at taking care of him than the young woman could ever hope to be.

Every day, when she served him a bowl of Oxtail Soup, he would take one mouthful and then spit it in her face. Then he would throw the bowl on the floor and scream, “That’s not what Oxtail Soup is supposed to taste like! Can’t you do anything right?”

The young woman had to endure his criticism every day and eventually it began to take its toll on her. One morning, while she was cleaning out a cupboard, she found a jar of poison. At lunchtime, she was so fed up with the old man’s behavior that she secretly sprinkled the poison into his bowl of Oxtail Soup. With a devilish smile on her face, she served the poisoned soup to her father-in-law.

She watched as the father-in-law started greedily wolfed down the entire bowl of soup. Licking his lips, her father-in-law said, “Ah, now that’s how Oxtail Soup is supposed to taste. Just like my wife used to make it!”

6. The Baby’s Crib

A few years ago, a married couple moved into a new house with their newborn son. One night, the mother heard the baby crying, so she got out of bed and went to see what was wrong. Suddenly, the baby stopped crying. The woman thought that he must have just fallen asleep again, so she went back to bed.

A few hours later, she was awoken by the sound of the baby crying again. The woman got up and went to check on him. As she opened the door to her baby’s bedroom, the crying stopped. She was shocked to see a young boy, around 6 or 7 years of age, standing beside the baby’s crib. He seemed to be stroking the baby’s head and calming him down.

Just then, he turned to look at the woman and suddenly disappeared into thin air. The woman screamed and ran to tell her husband. He got up and searched the entire house, but there was no sign of the mysterious young boy.

A few days later, the mother was talking to one of her neighbours and happened to mention the strange incident that had happened that night. The neighbour already knew all about it. She said that there were rumors that the house was haunted by the ghost of a young boy. He had died of an illness about 80 years before and his body was buried under the house.

The couple dug up the crawlspace under their house and unearthed a pile of old bones. The spot where they were located was directly under her baby’s crib.

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  • Father-In-Law reminds me of that one Roman emperor that drank a bit of poison every day so that he could build up an immunity to it or something. He didn’t die from it, but he died from his soldiers because of some rebellion or something. :/
    Also, where are the stories #4 and #1????

  • Relating to the picture,were skinning presents alive and taking out their insideXD

  • @Queen Of Dog Meme In an alternate universe where my baseball bat will use me to hit you…

  • So basically we’ve two stories where cabbie drivers played a heroic role..(2nd and 4th) KUDOS to them! They were really nice..though there wasn’t something creepy in the 1st one but still his friend deserves thumbs up! 4th especially creeped me out as i was thinking the whole time that the driver’s gonna be ghost or something…but nice twist! 5th one..idk but was predictible!

  • The pic is awesome. Really unnerveing. Read the comment’s below. I ain’t a story writer, but from a common reader’s POV,
    @Soulserenade your story was good,
    @Superfungirl your story was ok. Mexican isn’t exactly my favourite,
    @nightmare_night your story was one of the best,
    @venom, what the hell dude? Eating her own brother’s meat? That was nasty. Good story anyways. :)

  • I’m from the Philippines i heard this story before. When this happen to you should bury your clothes all of it even your underwear. Or you should put black cover on your head

  • 1) very sad…only a true friend would do that

    5) FUNNY!!! Is the guy immune to poison?!? Cool!

  • the father-in-law is funny. lol. how come he’s immune to that poison? also, the first story kinda makes me sad… that kid is a true friend.. :(

  • i read a different version of the taxi driver except that the warning was supposed to be for the driver

  • Clost Call is sad cuz the friend had to give his hidding place to safe his friend.I don’t get Father-in -law.

  • Haha. So the sweet mother in law was the same. I like the picture, but the ice cream eating kids in parallel world is still my favorite. This page is awesome (includes story, comments, and pic)

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