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Skirrid Inn

Skirrid Inn

The Skirrid Inn in Abergavenny, Wales is the most haunted pub in the area. It is located near the Black Mountains and is home to the ghosts of a judge and the man he sentenced to hang.

Skirrid Inn

The Skirrid Inn dates back to the 1100s and was used as a courthouse by the famous “Hanging Judge”, Judge Jeffries. Over the years, more than 180 people sentenced to death on the property. They spent their last night in a cell on the first floor of the Skirrid Inn. When morning arrived, they would be taken out and hanged from a wooden beam on the staircase. This beam still remains in place today and still bears the rope marks from the hangings.

The last person to hang in the Skirrid Inn was a man named James Crowther. He was put to death for stealing some sheep. The ghost of Judge Jeffries is said to still linger in the upper floors of the Inn, along with the ghost of James Crowther who is reported to be very active throughout the building.

It also claims to be the scene of numerous supernatural occurrences or paranormal activities. Many of the inn’s visitors have felt a ghostly noose slipping around their necks and some have later found red rope marks appearing on their throats.

One woman was staying in an upstairs room and had a very nasty experience while taking a bath. She felt a pair of ghostly hands dragging her head underwater and she had to fight to keep from drowning in the bathtub.

Strange cackling laughter has been heard coming from upstairs and glasses often fly across the bar by themselves. Disembodied faces have been seen at the windows and things mysteriously disappear only to turn up weeks later. Residents often wake up to find their room is icy cold and others report feeling as though they are being watched.

During medieval times, people believed that the devil rode through the area at night. The Skirrid innkeeper would often leave a cup of beer on the mantlepiece above the fireplace as an offering to the devil.

The Skirrid Inn has been featured on the TV shows Extreme Ghost Stories and Most Haunted with Yvette Fielding.

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