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Red Lion Inn

Red Lion Inn

The Red Lion Inn is a haunted pub in Avebury, UK that is over 400 years old. The old tavern was built in the middle of a mysterious ancient stone circle.

Red Lion Inn

The Red Lion public house is famous for having a sinister history and two resident ghosts. Back in the 17th Century, the old carriage inn was the site of two horrible murders.

The first ghost is believed to be a dead woman named Florrie. She was the landlady of the Red Lion, but when her husband left to fight in the English Civil War, Florrie cheated on him with another man.

When her husband returned, he discovered that his wife had been unfaithful. When he saw Florrie in the arms of her lover, he flew into a jealous rage. He killed his wife and threw her dead body down a deep well.

Today, the old well is still there, in the Red Lion Inn’s restaurant dining room. It is covered by a table with a glass porthole so you can peer down into the murky depths of the old well. If you look closely, you just might catch a glimpse of poor Florrie’s corpse. They say her ghost still haunts the Red Lion Inn.

Red Lion Inn

The ghost of a woman, dressed in black, has been seen rising out of the old well. She has also been spotted walking through the pub as though she was in search of someone. One eyewitness saw her standing beside a bearded man, who they believe was her husband. People also report seeing objects being thrown around by an unseen force and feeling a ghostly hand touching them on the shoulder.

Customers have also seen Florrie in the ladies toilets and a previous pub landlady said the ghost hurled salt and pepper shakers over tables and chairs. Florrie has also been known to bother bearded customers and spin chandeliers around. Glasses are thrown about, the cigarette machine cries puddles of water, and the juke box turns itself on and off. Ghostly horse-drawn carriages have been seen pulling up outside the pub.

The second ghost is that of a local man who was violently stabbed to death in the cellar of the Red Lion Inn. Apparently, the man hid criminals from the police in the cellar and when he double-crossed them, they murdered him. One paranormal investigator, who was walking through the cellar, saw the ghostly apparition of a man coming towards him, holding a large knife. It disappeared just as he was about to run away. When Yvett Fielding went to the Red Lion Inn for the TV series Most Haunted, she came running out of one of the rooms screaming that someone or something had touched her hair.

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