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Ski Resort

Ski Resort

The Ski Resort Mystery is a Japanese urban legend about a man who goes skiing and comes across a woman who is calling for help.

There was a man who enjoyed skiing. During the Winter, he took advantage of the snow and visited a ski resort. It was during the week, so there were only a few people around. He thought that it was a good opportunity to ski freely without any interruption.

The man put on his gear and started skiing down the slope. He was having a lot of fun when, all of a sudden, he heard a loud groan. It seemed to be coming from the forest on the edge of the ski slope.

The man was worried. It sounded like someone was in trouble. Perhaps they were injured and in need of assistance. When he went closer, he clearly heard a woman’s voice crying, “Help me! Please help!”

He made his way deeper into the forest and, when he came to a clearing in the trees, he saw the woman who was calling for help. She seemed to be buried up to her waist in snow. Only her upper body was visible. It looked like she had fallen into a hole and couldn’t get out.

“I’ll save you right away!” the man said.

He grasped the hands of the woman and pulled with all his might, lifting the woman into the air.

“Huh?” he exclaimed.

The woman was much lighter than the man had anticipated and he was surprised that he could lift her so easily. However, there was a reason that the woman’s body was so light.

When the man looked down, he realized that the lower half of her body was missing. Beneath her, there was no hole, just a pile of snow.

As the man stared in horror, the woman grinned and laughed… a long, cackling laugh.

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