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Shadows In The Mirror

Shadows In The Mirror

The Shadows in the Mirror is a scary story about a girl who moves into a new house and begins to see things out of the corner of her eye.

Shadow in the Mirror

There was once a woman who lived by herself in a quaint house in the country. Her husband had passed away about 5 years back and she was planning on moving soon. One day, while packing up some of her husbands things, she noticed that the temperature dropped really low. She walked down the hall to check the thermostat, but when she got there it showed no difference in temperature. She thought about it but figured that it must be broken. She decided that she would call someone the next day to fix it. When she passed the mirror on the wall on her way back she thought she saw a movement of shadows in the reflection. Then the temperature suddenly returned to normal and when she looked back at the mirror nothing was there. She shrugged and went back to packing.

A couple of days later the temperature dropped again. Again the woman went to the thermostat and again it showed no change. She remembered that she had forgotten to call someone to repair it. She promised herself that she would call after her show on T.V. that she had been watching. When she passed the mirror she again saw the movement of shadows. She stopped. In the reflection she saw a shadow, nothing but a shadow. Slightly translucent but visible. The shape was indescribable. It changed shape, like water flowing, about the size of a tall person. It stepped out from the wall behind the woman, but when she turned around to face it there was nothing there. Now she was scared. She began to tremble. Slowly she turned back to the mirror. The figure was still there, and closer. She screamed out “HEEEEELLPPP!!!” but no one came. Closer and closer IT came…

A few weeks later a friend of the woman’s stopped by to say Hello. She knocked and knocked but there was no answer. The next day a police officer came out to investigate, but he found nothing but a few empty boxes and the TV on. It was put down as an unsolved case. The house was soon cleaned out and put out on the market for sale.

For many years the house was empty, what with all of the stories going around about it. But one day a small family consisting of a mother, father and daughter moved from the city into the house.

All was well until one day the temperature dropped in the house. The daughter went to her parents and asked them what happened. They said they didn’t know and they went to the thermostat to see. It showed no change in temperature. They decided to call someone. The daughter went back to playing with her dolls in her room. Had she looked up into her mirror she would have seen a shadow peeking from behind the reflection of her bed. But just then her parents came in to tell her that someone was coming the next day to fix the thermostat and that she’ll have to deal with it for a while, but when they finished saying this the temperature went back to normal. The parents said never mind.

A few weeks later the temperature dropped again. The girl was brushing her hair at the time, in front of her mirror. She saw the shadow behind the reflection as it started to creep towards her. She screamed. Her parents came in asking what happened. She told them but they didn’t believe her. She tried to make them believe her but it was of no use. They took her to a psychologist to get her help.

When she came home she believed it was all a figment of her imagination. She probably would have kept believing that except that about a year later the temperature dropped once again. The girl was by herself because her parents had gone to the theatre and left her alone, since she was 13 years old. She was experimenting with make-up at the time, in front of her mothers mirror. She stared in terror as the thing crept out from behind the bed. She trembled but didn’t call out, she knew no one would come. And now, as it had done before, the thing came closer and closer, closer and closer…

When the girls parents came home they found the house empty. Their daughter was nowhere to be found. The Police report said another unsolved case. The house still stands to this day. And it’s still on the market if you want to buy it. It’s a bargain.

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  • That picture is from the phantom of the opera. I kept waiting for the story to mention the phantom. Talk about a misleading photo.

  • People there is no need to fear mirrors. First of all, just because the mirror was there wouldnt have changed the fact that the girl would disappear, and you don’t gotta worry ’bout Blody Marry unless you call her.

  • This is why I hate mirrors, also because of a Youtube video I saw about a girl moving her head but her reflection stayed the same, I think its called Japanese Demon Girl. I was like “Dafuq” o.O

  • Again with the mirrors. I’m now scared of them. Great story though. I just wish they could have explained what the shadow was.

  • my friend once said that you must never sleep in a room with mirrors in it. if you do, then at least make sure that the mirrors cant “see” you. but i dont believe her, cuz ive now been sleepin in the same room (with mirrors that can see me) for over 3 years and guess what– im still alive.

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