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Basement Mold

Basement Mold

The Basement Mold is a scary story about a family who move into a new house and find a strange fungus or mold growing in their basement and their young son acting very strange.

Basement Mold

A young family with one child moves into a new house. The child is a boy, 3 years old. The mother is in the basement one day doing laundry. She hears the boy in the next room playing. She hears him talking and goes to see what he is doing. He is standing looking at a wall and talking away as if someone were there. The mother asks to whom he is talking. The boy replies, “The Sticky Man.”

The parents just think the boy has invented an imaginary friend. He often tells them he was playing with or talking to the Sticky Man. Not just in the basement, but all over the house. The boy talks about the Sticky Man so much that the parents start to get concerned. They explain to the boy that it is okay to have imaginary friends, but he needs to understand that the Sticky Man is not real. This makes the boy very upset, and he insists the Sticky Man is real.

The parents try to teach their son the difference between real and imaginary things. One day the boy says, “The Sticky Man is getting mad because you keep saying he is not real.” Parents finally tell him that he must stop talking about the Sticky Man. The boy continues to say they are making the Sticky Man mad.

One day, the boy is standing at the top of the stairs to the basement and starts to jump up and down, clapping his hands saying, “The Sticky Icky Man is coming, the Sticky Icky Man is coming.” He won’t stop and his mother gets very upset with him. The boy says the Sticky Icky Man is in the basement and he is mad.

The mother is becoming scared at her son’s strange behavior. She decides to go down to the basement to show him no one is there. Down the stairs, into the laundry room she goes. When she looks around, she sees something on the far wall. There is mold all over the basement wall and a grey ooze dripping down from what seems like a large hole in the wall. The mother goes closer to investigate it.

It seems like the hole has been eaten in the wall. There are bite marks all around the edges and it is covered in slippery gunk. The goo is flowing down from the hole. She hears a drip drip drip of the grey odourless liquid falling and splattering on the basement floor. She can hear her son, sitting at the top of the stairs, chanting, “The Sticky Man is here, the Sticky Man is here.”

A small droplet of slime splashes on the top of her head.

She looks up.

A huge brown, oozing, moving, bubbling, slithering shape is clinging to the ceiling of the basement. Sticky goo and ooze is falling in droplets off it’s hideous, moldy body and forming puddles on the floor. It’s face resembles a human and it’s evil eyes bubble and shift, staring angrily at her. The thing forms a sort of mouth and it opens it wide, leering at her. Suddenly, slimy tentacles of ooze reach out to grab her.

The mother screams and races up the basement stairs. The sticky thing on the ceiling oozes towards the door, trying to get there before her. She grabs her young son as she runs and just about makes it to the door as the thing is flowing down the wall like slime to cut off her exit.

She slams the basement door shut and locks it. Her son is still chanting, “The Sticky Man is here, the Sticky Man is here.” She backs away from the door, her son still clutched tightly in her arms. She sees the ooze pushing it’s way under the door. The door is creaking, straining at it’s hinges as a huge force behind it tries to push it down. The woman scoops up the boy and runs out of the house.

The woman refused to go back in the house. The family sold it as fast as possible and moved to another town. They never told the new owners about what happened. Their son never mentioned the Sticky Man again and eventually seemed to forget all about this period in his life. In time, the couple had another baby. A little girl this time. On the little girl’s third birthday, her parents throw a party for her and invite all the kids in her class. She blows out the candles on her birthday cake and everyone asks her to sing a song for them.

She stands up on her chair and starts chanting “The Sticky Man is coming! The Sticky Man is coming!”

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