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Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds (or Cosmetic Sesame) is a Korean urban legend about a young girl who is insecure about her looks and when she hears about a new organic beauty therapy, she decides to try it out.

Sesame Seeds

There was once a young Korean girl who was extremely insecure about her looks. She would do anything to keep her skin looking young and beautiful.

One day, she heard about a new organic beauty treatment from a friend at school. Her friend told her it was very good for the skin, leaving it smooth and silky.

The treatment involved mixing sesame seeds in the bath water and immersing in it for a couple of hours. When the girl got home that evening, she decided to try it out.

She filled the bath with warm water and sprinkled a jar of sesame seeds to stimulate her skin.

Hours passed and the young girl still didn’t emerge from the bathroom. Her parents started to get worried about her. But every time her mother knocked on the door and asked the girl to come out, the reply would always be, “Wait a minute… Wait a minute…”

In the end, the mother could no longer contain herself and forced open the bathroom door. When she peered into the bathroom, she was greeted by a horrifying sight.

Her daughter was sitting in the corner and her body was covered in little black dots. The sesame seeds had become stuck in her pores. The young girl had a crazed look in her eyes and was frantically trying to pull out the seeds with a toothpick.

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