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Right Eye

Right Eye

The Right Eye is a scary Korean urban legend about a young woman who receives a cornea transplant. They say this is the urban legend that inspired the horror movie “The Eye”.

Right Eye

There was a young woman in Korea who was blind in one eye. Eventually, she received a cornea transplant. The operation was a success and she was released from hospital.

However, a week later, she stopped going to work. Her friends couldn’t get in touch with her. When her parents called, she didn’t answer her phone.

Eventually, her parents got worried and went to her house. They knocked on the door but there was no reply. They called the police and they broke down the door.

They found the young woman lying on the floor in a pool of blood. She had sliced her own wrists open and bled to death. Her parents were devastated. They couldn’t understand why their daughter would take her own life.

The police noticed that all of the mirrors in the house had been smashed. All of the reflective surfaces in the house had been covered as well.

When they came across the young womans diary, they found something strange scrawled on the last pages. Over and over, she had written:

“My right eye is staring at me, my right eye is staring at me, my right eye is staring at me, my right eye is staring at me…”

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  • Wow. Just WOW. That is… CRAZY!!! And that is why you don’t have a cornea transplant. You live with what you hav

  • Wel, duh. YOU CAN SEE IN THAT EYE, NOW! You’re not Iggy. (“Maximum Ride” joke)

  • Many of you are confused so I’ll explain what happened:

    She was never used to having a right eye. Whenever she went to the mirror she saw her right eye staring back at her. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she just smashed all the mirrors but other than mirrors, there were other reflective surfaces too, right? So she stopped going outside to avoid them but she still had to drink water, which is a reflective surface and so on. So she committed suicide.

    Now, get it?

  • Bros , this started happening with me. Ok its very awkward but its true-
    So one day after reading some stories here a few days back, i went to a morror and wispered -“i know your secret, i know you are not me…” And just walked away laughing. But the next day i started thinking that my reflection is just staring at me. And this happened in every mirror in my house( my house is full of mirrors)(i hate them)

    I thought that i fear mirrors and all this is my thinking, coz you see your eyes in the reflection only if you stare them and you see them staring back at you, there is no way you can see if the reflection is staring you when you are seeing something else…..

    this all happened abt a week ago and now i dont think ‘they’ stare me.


    i think that the reflection in the mirror who i wispered to keeps staring me….

    EVEN NOW!!!

  • WTF?!? oh ok i get it..

    the eye has a mind of its own so when she would look in the mirror, the eye would stare at he without her wanting it to. She couldn’t control her eye….

    The eye was haunting her so she could not handle it anymore.. thats why she committed suiside. kind of sad though.

  • Maybe she wasn’t used to having vision in that eye….so when she could see from it…maybe it just seemed weird to her.

  • The eye had its own mind.

    I think its like-“the man bent over the basin. His reflection didnt move.”
    So either the eye literally kept staring her or she thought it was staring.

    Mirrors are really creepy. I just simply HATE them!!!

    She did the right thing smashing the mirrors.
    Anyways, sad story………..

    Sfk is the best.

  • I am confused. Is it like that,that the women transplanted her right eye and the right eye was taken from another human being who is still alive or something like that? This is kinda riddle!

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