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Scottish Castle

Scottish Castle

A Scottish Castle named Comlongon is haunted by a ghost known as The Green lady, who wanders the hallways and turrets crying.

Scottish Castle

Lady Marion Carruthers inherited the Scottish Castle of Comlongon and its surrounding lands from her father, when he died. Before his death, her father had arranged a marriage between her and a neighboring man named Sir James Douglas.

Douglas did not love Lady Marion, he just wanted to marry her so he could get his hands on her land. When Lady Marion found out, she refused to marry him and tried to get her uncle to protect her.

Sir James Douglas would not take no for an answer and began a siege of Lady Marion’s Scottish Castle. Her uncle was going to force her to marry Douglas and imprisoned her in the tower until she agreed to the marriage.

Lady Marion did not want to be trapped in a loveless marriage, so in a fit of despair she threw herself off the Lookout Tower at Comlongon Castle and fell to her death.

Historical records show that “On the 25th. September 1570, Lady Marion Carruthers did willfully take her own life by leaping from the lookout tower of Comlongon Castle where she was being held captive and did break her head and bones.”

Lady Marion’s suicide caused a scandal and according to the religious beliefs at the time, her body could not be buried in Holy ground. So, tragically, she never received a proper Christian burial.

However, years after her death, rumours began to circulate that Lady Marion had not really taken her own life. She had been murdered. Locals believed that some of Sir James Douglas’s men gained access to her chamber in the tower. When she refused to marry Douglas, they tossed her from the battlements. Sir James Douglas then inherited her Scottish Castle and lands without having to marry her.

Since that day no grass has grown on the spot that Lady Marion fell on. Strange occurrences have taken place at Comlongon Castle and the ghostly figure of a young lady, dressed all in green and crying has been seen wandering the Castle. It is thought that she will continue to haunt the Castle until she is given a decent Christian burial and finds her proper resting place.

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