Scary For Kids
Scary Japanese Maze


  • OMG Baby Demon! I thought I was gonna scare the heck outta myself (my favorite thing to do) with this, but…I just burst out laughing! And actually, it has a sort of babyish look to it which makes it…cute! XD

  • warning!!!!! never let ur mom play, lol my mom played cuz i let her and put the volume up high and almost gave her a heart attack

  • Reaction from friend: “You see this is all about skill. Just put your face close on the last part of the last level,” I said. “What the heck does this say?” He showed me the beginning part. “Dunno, maze or something like that,” “Whatever.” And to convince him, “The quicker you do it, the higher the ranking you’ll get on the world-wide list. I’m 21st on the world wide record!” First level. “LOL easy as *heck*” “Well, try THIS for a size! Dont forget to put your face close!” Going around maze. “Ah, hardest part…up…down…” *SHRIEK!* FALLS OUT OF CHAIR AND CRIES.

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