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Scary Gifs

The top 20 scariest animated GIFs of all time from creepy horror movies and TV shows found on the Internet.

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1. Sleep Paralysis

Scary Gifs

Theis creepy pic is from an old British movie called Penda’s Fen. In the movie, a boy has a nightmare and wakes up to find this gargoyle-tpye creature sitting on the end of his bed.

2. La llorona

Scary Gifs

This is from a 2011 promotional film for La Llorona Halloween Horror Nights Haunted House attraction in universal Studios, Orlando.

3. Hands Hospital

Some people were saying this is from Grave Encounters. Others said it was from Kingdom Hospital. I finally tracked down the real source. It’s from a short special effects clip created by Justin Martinez.

4. Bedfellows

Scary Gifs

This is from a FEWDIO short film called “Bedfellows”. You can watch Bedfellows here.

5. Scary Laughing Pig

Scary Gifs

The source of this is an old French film from 1907 called “Le Cochon Danseur” or “The Dancing Pig”. A man dressed in a pig suit is dancing with a girl and then does a creepy laugh.

6. Backwards Creature on the Road

Scary Gifs

This is a scene from the horror/sci-fi movie Xtro (1982).

7. Beautiful People

Scary Gifs

This comes from the music video for Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson.

8. Scary Guy Crawling in Mask

Scary Gifs

The source of this GIF is a found-footage horror movie called The Poughkeepsie Tapes. It’s about a serial killer and the video footage on the tapes he left behind. This is supposed to be the most disturbing part of the movie.

9. Creepy Turning Masks

Scary Gifs

I have yet to find the source for this one.

10. Mama

Scary Gifs

This is from the Spanish horror movie Mama.

11. Creepy Doll Smiling

Scary Gifs

From the horror movie Dolls (1987)

12. Climbing The Stairs

Scary Gifs

I haven’t found the source of this one yet.

13. The Almost People

Scary Gifs

This is from an episode of Doctor Who called “The Almost People”.

14. Dead Silence

Scary Gifs

The creepy ventriloquist’s dummy from Dead Silence.

15. Herencia Diabolica

Scary Gifs

This freaky mini-clown comes from the Mexican horror movie Herencia Diabolica (1994). It’s about a little boy who has an evil clown doll that murders people who are mean to him.

16. Broken Gif

Scary Gifs

Source? No idea. But this is a broken GIF. The file is corrupt and the pixels get stuck making the little girl’s face look like it is stretching.

17. Talky Tina

Scary Gifs

This comes from the Twilight Zone Episode “Living Doll”.

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  • almost people not scary i liked them but the first one and crawling guy in mask i loved!!!!

  • i like the ‘Scary Guy Crawling in Mask’ one. its super creepy and my favorite out of all the gifs on here.

  • Oh my god! Creepiest gifs ever seen……. I liked each and everyone…..Especially climbing the stairs, bed fellows and mama

  • Oh these gifs are really scary…….. I m gonna see all the movies mentioned here!

  • They were moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👻👻👻👻👻👻🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃😱😱😱😱😱😱😱👿👿👿😡😡

  • Oh SH*T!!!!!!!! I’m gonna have nightmares!!! these were DEFINETLEY creepy:
    La llorona, Mama, Climbing Stairs, and Bedfellows is the creepiest!

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