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Disturbing Photos

All of these Disturbing Photos have something wrong with them… something odd and creepy… something weird and scary… Can you see it?


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos


Disturbing Photos

scary for kids


  • 1. There are faces behind the mirror.
    2. The girl in pink has no shadow.
    3. There’s a 3rd hand scratching her leg.
    4. A graduate’s peeking out of 2 students creepily.
    5. Her leg has a face in the reflection?
    6. There are a pair of hands grabbing a woman’s leg second to the left.
    7. There’s a face in the background on her right. (Looks like a light switch.)
    8. The legs of the girls are arranged weirdly, plus a few contorted faces.
    9. A pair of legs are behind the women.
    10. Creepy face on the left!
    11. The left-most woman is missing her body.
    12. The mirror world is reaching for her soul… (Y U NO TRY HARD ENOUGH?)
    13. A tuft of ghost hair on the right.
    14. A pale hand is on the woman in red.
    15. Rotting baby face behind baby on the ground.
    16. There’s a face on the wall. (graffiti!)
    17. A creepy male face behind the shoulder of the girl.
    18. There’s a creepy woman on the top-right corner. (reminder to wear clothes in public)
    19. There’s a creepy face on middle-right side.
    20. Another creepy face behind the man.

  • I’m surprised my year book picture isn’t on here….. now that picture was scary

  • I hope i have got all right….

    1. There are faces behind the window

    2. The little girl in pink doesn’t have a shadow.

    3. There is a hand touching her leg.

    4. There is a face between the boy and girl on right hand side.

    5. There is a face of a man opposite to the girls legs.

    6. There are two hands grabbing the second girl from left.

    7. There is a woman in the right corner and the girl is fully bloody.

    8. Something behind the girls in the last row.

    9. Extra legs between the first and second girl from left side.

    10. A creepy face in left top corner.

    11. The first girl from left has incomplete body.

    12. There is a hand behind the glass.

    13. A creepy woman in right corner behind.

    14. There is a black hand between the lady and boy.

    15. There is a head behind the girl on right hand side.

    16. Look closely there is a face of a girl on the left side wall.

    17. There is a face on the bed behind the girl.

    18. There is a face of a creepy woman on the right side top.

    19. There is a face peering from the girl standing on right corner.

    20. A face of woman peering from the black cloth on the left side.

  • 1. There is an extra head behind the man, faces in the window
    2.The little girl does not have a shadow
    3. An extra hand under the girl’s desk
    5. There is the reflection of a man where her knee is
    6. The 4th girl has yellow hands on her knees!
    7. Something in the background??
    8. The 6th girl in the 2nd row has her face jacked up?
    9. Extra legs
    10. Really creepy face in top-left corner
    11. 2nd woman has extra finger ???????
    12. HAND
    13. Either ball floating in mid-air or creepy black figure
    15. Weird head behind girl
    16. Something or someone on the roof????
    17. Creepy face behind her
    18. Creepy face in mirror ( upper right)
    20. Creepy face

  • Here are the ones I can answer:

    1. There are faces in the window and the doll is looking at the two girls.
    2. The little girl doesn’t have a shadow!
    3. There’s a hand underneath the girl’s desk.
    4. ???
    5. The refection of her legs looks like a face.
    6. ???
    7. ???
    8. ???
    9. There’s a pair of legs behind them that doesn’t seem to belong to anyone.
    11.The lady with the bulging eyes doesn’t look like she has a torso?
    12.There’s a hand pressed against the glass behind her head.
    14.Creepy face???
    16.There’s a reddish face peering from behind the bed.
    17.There’s a scary face in the drawer next to the books.
    18.There’s a person peering ‘round from behind one of the girls.
    19.There’s a creepy face (AGAIN!!)

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