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Scariest Picture

Scariest Picture

The Scariest Picture on the Internet is an urban legend about a strange painting of a beautiful young Asian girl who committed suicide. The painting is said to be cursed and if you stare at it long enough, the image will begin to change and her face will become hideous and monstrous. The story is believed to have originated in China.

Scariest Picture on the Internet

According to the legend, this is a picture of a teenage girl who lived in a country in Southeast Asia. Her boyfriend was an artist and he was painting a portrait of her.

The girl was the target of bullying at school. She was of a very fragile nature and she reached a point where she couldn’t take the bullying anymore and committed suicide. When her boyfriend heard the news of her death, he was so anguished that he finished the painting, sent a copy of it to all of the people who bullied her, then jumped to his death.

One of the bullies received the picture in an e-mail. When he looked at the picture he is believed to have gone crazy. He claimed he felt a rotting hand grasp his face and he was found the next day hiding in a neighbor’s back yard, shouting: “She came! She came!” He became ill and was confined to bed. Doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him and 3 months later, he died.

Since then, the picture has circulated on the internet and people have been reporting strange events when they stare at it for too long. People find themselves drawn in and hypnotized by her vivid blue eyes. An artist who became obsessed with the painting was later found dead in his home. He had hung himself.

Many people say that if you stare into her eyes for a long time, her face will change into a frightening and horrible visage. Others say that staring into her eyes will summon her ghost.

They say it is best to have a friend with you when you view the picture, to make sure you don’t have an accident or do something really stupid like take your own life…

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  • I dunno… All I witnessed was the shading under her eyes getting darker. Also, after watching the video, it got really hard to type this comment. :\

  • Nothing happened for me. But she’s really beautiful. I kinda wanna meet her.

  • after reading the comments i think i’ll watch the video on another day with a friend

  • Her eyes were moving the whole time and I think I saw her blink like once.And her chest was moving up and down like she was breathing 😱

  • I swear her eyes kept changing. It looked like she was thinking or like had a soul. She’s really pretty.

  • Last time when I saw this video(2yrs back) I was very much freaked out…. Now I don’t have the guts to look again…

  • whew that really messed up ma eyes, but this time, I could swear it looked like she breathed, and her face shrunk back a teensy bit…I ALMOST saw a skeleton, and the colors kept getting darker or lighter…creepy……….. O_O

  • I watched he video, but nothing really happened…it made my vision blurry and my eyes hurt…im watching it again cuz you guys mentioned a skeleton or something

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