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Sadako Yamamura is the ghost girl from the Ring movies who appears in a cursed video tape. Her story was based on a real girl named Sadako who was a psychic and lived in Japan in the early 1900s. Her psychic ability was that she was able to project words and images onto film.


When Sadako was a young girl, she was very melancholy and depressed. She seldom spoke and never played with other children, spending all of her time alone.

Sadako’s mother was a psychic and she conducted several experiments with a psychic researcher named Dr Fukurai. When the doctor published the results of his experiments, other scientists accused Sadako’s mother of being a fraud and said she faked her psychic abilities.

Sadako’s mother was so distraught by all the criticism that she committed suicide.

Sadako was devastated by her mother’s death and lived with her father on a remote island. As she grew older, she began to develop psychic powers of her own. When her father learned of her psychic powers, he brought her to Dr. Fukurai in Tokyo.

The doctor forced Sadako to participate in many experiments that involved using her mind to make words and images appear on photographic film. In Japan, they call this “Nensha” which means Thought-photography or Thoughtography. Sadako produced a number of these “thoughtographs” and nobody could explain how it was done.

Dr Fukurai wanted to publish another book, but remembering what had happened to her mother, Sadako refused. She told him she was going to leave and would never return.

Nobody knows for sure what happened after that. Some people believe that the doctor murdered Sadako. They say he lured her out to the woods near the hospital and strangled her. Then, he threw her body down a nearby well and sealed it with large rocks to keep her hidden forever.

However, Sadako was not really dead. When she woke up, she was trapped in the well and couldn’t get out. She attempted to escape by scaling the walls but failed every time, breaking off her nails and fingertips in the process.

The poor girl survived in the well for seven days before she finally died with her heart full of hate. With her last breath, she vowed to have her revenge on the world.

Sadako’s rage and terror and the manner in which she died combined with her psychic powers to create a terrible curse or “grudge”. This resulted in a series of inexplicable images being projected onto a mysterious unmarked videotape.

Sadako appears in the videotape as a shadowy young woman dressed in a white gown. Her face is covered by long black hair. They say that if you watch the video, you will die in seven days.

The only way to avoid the curse is to make a copy of the videotape and give it to somebody else.

scary for kids


  • Omg omg omg I have heard of a story like this like if you watch a certain film and then you will get a phone call and the person on the other side says something like “seven days” I don’t believe that tho. But of course I won’t try it. I ain’t taking any chances. Nope I ain’t dieing. So…

  • I have seen The Ring (American), Ringu (Japanese), and have been Sadako for Halloween.

  • I saw a girl in my dream with long black hair following me and she was holding a poster saying you die

  • I remember watching the ring for the first time with my mum at 3 in the morning. It scared the craaap out of me, especially the part where she literally comes out the TV! Back then i thought it was shit scary. but if you haven’t seen it I don’t recommend you watch it by yourself xD

  • OMG I love the movies the ring one and two. I didn’t know that they were based o a true story. Also the real story is that her name was Samara and she was sent to live with her grandmother that hated her. At night Samara would sneak out and go to the well. Then one morning Samara went to the well and her grandmother caught her. She did it again next morning and her grandmother fallowed her and when she wasn’t paying attention and her grandmother put a plastic bag over her head and tied it then pushed her in the well then closed it off with a big stone plate. When she go the bag off she tried to climb up the walls of the well but she broke her fingers and her finger nails. She started screaming mommy mommy help help please help. She started living of the nasty dirty well water. She died Sevan days later. That’s where they got the thing in the film where u die in sevan days later after u watch the video. That’s the TRUE story about her.

  • I saw somone in white gown

    black hair

    pointed at me

    said you die

    …in my dream

    before i read this story

  • I know the movie!! It’s Ring 2. But in that movie her name is Samara. And people will die in 2 days if watching a videotape that shows she is climbing the well and crawling towards the TV.

  • you won’t escape from the curse, she’s still gonna go after you and you have to make a copy of the tape? who watches tapes and TV nowadays like seriously, get an upgrade and laptops, tablets, ipods etc screens are small have fun squeezing through them. Additionally, who still uses a home phone, she gotta call your cell. would you pick up an unknown number? i wouldn’t

  • Cool story. But let me say smth: the only reason y they say that the only reason u can escape the curse by making a copy of the video and giving it to someone else is because they want more ppl to watch the video. Obviously it’s not real, but for ppl that might actually believe it, don’t worry: they just want more ppl to c that video.
    Good story!

  • I saw the Ring movies about a year ago. I thought they were great!! It was pretty cool to learn they were based off of a Japanese legend considering I’m really into Japanese culture. But, actually, there’s more to the legend.

    If you watch the tape, you will receive a phone call (hence the name “The Ring”) that says “seven days”. Your face will become distorted in all photos or videos. Then, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you will find yourself alone in your house, with the bathtub on and flooding. When you leave to find the source of the flood, you will, against your own will, find yourself in front of a static TV (or reflective surface as an alternative). Then, Sadako will come out of the TV and kill you, leaving your face as distorted as in film. If you make a copy, the copy will still have the same power, and Sadako will be eternally grateful. But, she may become too grateful….

    Think about that last remark and do with it what you will!? : )

  • I think I watched the grudge before..
    Or I think it was a parody version made by Scary Movie 3…

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