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Face Powder

Face Powder

The Face Powder Hag (or Oshiroibaba) is a demon from Japanese mythology. She tries to trick pretty young girls into using her special white face powder, claiming it will make them more beautiful.

Face Powder

Oshiroibaba (or The Face Powder Hag) is an old woman who walks through the snow wearing an oversized hat, leaning on a cane and carrying a vial of white powder. Her wrinkled face is caked in layers of white makeup.

She appears on cold nights, asking pretty young girls if they would like to try some of her special face powder. She says that if they use it to powder their faces, it will make them more beautiful.

However, as soon as the white powder touches their faces, the girls experience a horrible burning sensation. Their skin starts peeling and their flesh starts to rot and fall from their faces, leaving nothing but a hideous skull. Oshiroibaba steals the flesh and uses it for her own purposes.

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  • Oh jesus I would rather hug JFK or BD!(Jeff the Killer or Benn Drowned) Speaking of…*hugs Jeff* Yay
    Jeff: Ughhhhh again?!
    Me: YEP! HUGS!
    Jeff: *grumbles and hugs back* Little twerp.
    Me: *summons sword made of fire and ice* Frost and Flame. Might hurt…eh?
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  • Dude if she modernized that and sells it here she could get a lot of victims. I mean, really, how many chicks wear that kinda stuff nowadays?

  • Oshiroibaba: Would you like to try some of my special white face powder? It will make you more beautiful.

    Me: No, sorry.

    Oshiroibaba: …F*ck you…

  • Brown wrinkly skin caked with white powder wicht was worse than what it desguised…

  • Um, well… The woman should find a mental hospital with a free space, cuz… And so do the girls that actually TAKE that face powder…-_-

  • Ew!! Also if I saw a random old woman claiming that some face powder would make her beautiful I would not take it! I mean really, if it made people beautiful wouldn’t you wonder why the old woman hadn’t used it? (Because she is hideous) ALSO WHO JUST TAKES RANDOM POWDER FROM STRANGERS IN THE WOODS????!!!!!!

  • What the hell is wrong with all these ghosts who kill girls to drink their blood/take their flesh in order to stay beautiful forever? That’s annoying and creepy.

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