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Red Brook

Red Brook

The Red Brook Inn is a haunted Bed & Breakfast in Old Mystic, Connecticut. It was built by the Crary family in 1770.

Red Brook

The Red Brook Inn is haunted by two different ghosts, one of whom is believed to be Nancy Crary. An apparation of a grey-haired old woman wearing a shawl has been spotted in the house. She is said to have saved lives in the North Room, on the second floor of the house. On two separate occasions, guests forgot to open their fireplace flue after starting a fire fell asleep while the room filled with smoke. They were awakened by the ghost of an old woman in a shawl.

One guest said “‘I saw what I definitely believe to be a ghost. It was a sort of white, transparent woman walking up the top of the stairs by the north room. It made my hair stand on end.”

The second ghost is said to be a woman who still holds a grudge. Many years ago, the previous owner of the house fell in love with his wife’s best friend. When his wife discovered the affair, she banned her friend from ever setting foot in the house again.

Twelve years later, the wife died and the husband married her former best friend. The man was throwing a birthday party for his new wife when a horrible stench, like rotting meat or a decaying corpse, followed them into each room. Guests were revolted as their hostess made her way from room to room, with a trail of stench following everywhere she went.

When the woman left, the smell went away. They believed that the ghost of the man’s first wife was responsible for ruining the birthday party.

Both guests and employees at the Red Brook Inn experience cold spots and hear inexplicable voices in this building.

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