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Purple Mirror

Purple Mirror

Purple Mirror is a Japanese urban legend about a cursed word. If you still remember this phrase by the time you are 20 years old, you will die.

Purple Mirror

Years ago, there was a Japanese girl who was very vain and spent all her time staring at her reflection in a mirror. It had been given to her as a present by her mother and the girl cherished it more than anything. It was her most prized possession.

The girl was desperate to be beautiful and developed anorexia, starving herself to the point where she was painfully thin. As time went on, her health became worse and worse, but no matter how pale and gaunt she looked, when she gazed into her mirror, she saw herself as beautiful.

One day, she wanted to decorate her mirror, so she painted it by purple. When she looked into the glass, she was disgusted. She no longer saw herself as beautiful. She saw what she really looked like: a pale, thin and haggard mess with bones protruding through her leathery skin. Horrified, she smashed the mirror to pieces, but afterwards she regretted what she had done.

On her 20th birthday, the girl was in the middle of making preparations for her “coming-of-age” party when she was hit by a car and killed. As she died, the last words on her lips were, “purple mirror… purple mirror… purple mirror…”

After the funeral, when her parents searched her room, they couldn’t find the purple mirror. Rumors about the girl spread around Japan. After her funeral, some young people were found dead under mysterious circumstances. All of them died on their 20th birthday and no cause of death was ever found, but in each case, shards of purple glass wee found in their bedrooms.

Ever since that day, the words “purple mirror” have been cursed and it is believed that anyone who still remembers the phrase by their 20th birthday will die.

Note: It is very important that you forget you ever heard the words “Purple Mirror”. Just try and get the whole concept of a “purple mirror” out of your mind. Whatever you do, please get those words out of your brain… Your life depends on it.

OMG. I’m sorry I ever told you about this.

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  • Ok so creepy story. So now I have about nine years to remove this from my head. I suppose I have enough time. Anyway, 10/10 mirror shards. (^_^)

  • I hope… Somebody really remembers this on 20th bday…. And… Something happens… Like ‘i am now 1 year older now’.

  • can’t believe there are children younger than 10 who r members here.really wish i had found this site earlier.but better late than never i guess

  • after 12 i will be twenty good bye… i know mr. sfk that its not true…

  • Haha I’m over 20 soo…yeah. I would have forgot them anyways because I have a horrible memory…I think I’ve read this b4. Anyways…who’s most prized possession would be a mirror…seems kinda weird to me.

  • I really don’t care. It just doesn’t make sense! But I believe in fairfolk, so I can’t talk.

  • This is NOT real! Don’t worry!

    If you are still scared, try this:

    Confuse the words. Whenever “purple mirror” comes into your mind, change it to “purple muffin” “purple man” “purple maniac” etc. Eventually, whenever you think of it, you think, “purple (whatever)”

    After that, you may find yourself remembering that the word wasn’t “purple (whatever),” but you just can’t figure out what the original word was. I think it would be best to not try to find out.

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