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Betobeto-san is a popular Japanese ghost who makes the sound of footsteps following you when you are walking alone at night.


Have you ever had the feeling that someone was following you? Have you heard the sound of footsteps creeping up close behind you? If so, it was probably Betobeto-san. He is an invisible ghost who makes the sound of footsteps following you down a lonely street at night…

Beto… Beto… Beto… Beto…

If you hear him, you should politely say, “Betobeto-san, osakini okoshi” which means “Betobeto-san, please pass in front”.

In Japan, he is one of the most popular ghosts because he is not dangerous and girls think he is cute. In Sakaiminato, there is a statue of Betobeto-san and people leave coins in his mouth for good luck.

scary for kids


  • Well just because you can’t see him, you can probably still IMAGINE his appearance.

  • Like cute like a cute animal or cute like you would date him?! I just gotta know! LOL LOL LOL

  • I agree with HorrorFanGirl

    AND YO! GUYS! THAT’S HIGHLY STEREOTYPICAL TO WOMEN!!! THOUGH THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE…. EH. You know what? I don’t feel like doing this. I’m not a feminist… just…. whatever.

  • “…and girls think he is cute.”
    YES! I’m a girl and I think he is cute! I WOULD HAVE PROBABLY HUGGED HIM!

  • nuh uh i dont think a big squidgy pink thing with an enormous grin across it’s face filled with pearly white teeth is ‘cute’

  • AWESOME!!!!!
    That ghost is so cool.
    And cute cause he is like a big ball XD

    But still…..
    Footsteps at night is the most scary thing that seems to happen to u.

  • For the first, time,in forever… Okay I will not sing. FINALLY there is a very nice ghost. And good thing he is invisible.10/10 snowflakes

  • purplegirl the horror fan is right and what if u don’t say it and if u don’t sY it properly

  • FIRST! So wait… beto-san is only doing that to freak you out? and he’s not harmless?!? good. but if he’s invisible, how’d they make a statue of him? and how can girls think he’s cute if you CAN’T EVEN FREAKIN SEE HIM ??? This is mind boggling.

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